CIA Housing Forms


Thank you for taking the time to fill out the following housing forms. These forms allow us to obtain several pieces of important information prior to you moving onto campus. The first is the housing contract. You will need to acknowledge that you read the contract (which is attached via link) before moving forward.

Next is your meal plan selection. You have several options when it comes to dining in and around the CIA campus. You will notice that there is also a link that will help you to understand how the meal plan works on our campus.

After that, we ask that you fill out the emergency medical form. This form allows CIA housing staff to assist you in the event that you would need medical attention or your emergency contact would need to be contacted.

The next form is an acknowledgement that you have or have not been vaccinated for Meningitis and/or Hepatitis B. You are not required to have these vaccinations; however, many students will get these shots in the summer.

Finally is a link to Case Western Reserve University's Health forms. We are requiring all students to fill out these health forms from CWRU. Regardless of whether you plan to carry the student health insurance, or your own private insurance, you can be seen at the health center. This will help them in starting a file for you as a student to cut down on time when you go to see them.

    Housing Contract Acknowledgement

    To download the Housing Contract, please visit
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