Christ the Lord Lutheran School Technology Acceptable Use Policy
Christ the Lord Lutheran School provides computing and network resources for students to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, communication, and collaboration. Members of the Christ the Lord Lutheran School community are encouraged to use the school's technology for educational or school related activities and for the exchange of useful information.
Appropriate or acceptable uses of these resources include:
1) The use of Christ the Lord-owned software, hardware, and our network for scholastic endeavor.

2) Accessing the Internet to retrieve information from libraries, data bases, and websites to enrich, expand, and support curriculum.

3) Email capabilities to facilitate communication and distance-learning projects.

All users are expected to conduct their online activities in an ethical and legal fashion. The use of these resources is a privilege, not a right. Misuse of these resources may result in a suspension or loss of these privileges, as well s possible disciplinary, legal, and/or monetary consequences.

Examples of inappropriate or unacceptable use(s) of these resources include, but are not limited to, those uses that violate the law, the rules of network etiquette, that are used in a manner disruptive to the work or educational environment, or that hamper the integrity or security of any network connected to the Internet.

Some unacceptable practices include :
1) The use of any instant messaging programs while at Christ the Lord Lutheran School, unless directed by the teacher.

2) Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S. or Wisconsin law, including but not limited to: copyrighted material; threatening, harassing, pornographic, or obscene material; or material protected by trade secret. The transmission of copyrighted materials without the written permission of the author or creator through Christ the Lord email or other network resources in violation of U.S. copyright law is prohibited.

3) Email or other network resources may not be used in a manner that is disruptive to the work or educational environment.

4) The use of the network or email for personal financial or commercial gain, product advertisement, or the sending of unsolicited junk mail or chain letters is prohibited.

5) The forgery, reading, deleting, copying, or modifying of electronic mail messages of other users is prohibited.

6) The creation, propagation, and/or use of computer viruses are prohibited.

7) Unauthorized downloads, copying, or installation of software programs, applications, or website content is prohibited.

8) Sending or posting damaging or cruel text or images (such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass)

9) Unauthorized use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, or Google Hangouts.

10) Intentional destruction, deletion, or disablement of any Christ the Lord software or hardware is prohibited.

11) Vandalism is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to any attempt to harm or destroy the data of another user, or the network/Internet. Attempts to breach security codes or passwords will also be considered a form of vandalism.

Expectations of Users
Access to Christ the Lord Lutheran School email and similar electronic communication systems is a privilege, and certain responsibilities accompany that privilege. Christ the Lord Lutheran School users are expected to demonstrate the same level of ethical and professional manner as is required in face-to-face or written communications. All users are required to maintain and safeguard password protected areas to both personal and confidential Christ the Lord files and folders.

1) Unauthorized attempts to access another person’s email or similar electronic communications or to use another’s name, email, or computer address or workstation to send email are prohibited and may subject the individual to disciplinary action. Anonymous or forged messages will be treated as violations of this policy.

2) All users must understand that Christ the Lord Lutheran School cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of electronic documents, and any messages that are confidential as a matter of law should not be communicated over email.

3) Christ the Lord Lutheran School reserves the right to access email to retrieve information and records, to engage in routine computer maintenance, to carry out internal investigations, to check Internet access history, or to disclose messages, data, or files to law enforcement authorities.

This agreement applies to stand-alone computers, as well as any computer or device connected to the Christ the Lord Lutheran School network or Internet. It also applies when the computer or device is used at home. Any attempt to violate the provisions of this agreement will result in revocation or the user’s privileges, regardless of the success or failure of the attempt. In addition, school disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action may be taken. The decision of Christ the Lord Lutheran School regarding inappropriate use of the technology or telecommunication resources is final. Monetary remuneration may be sought for damage necessitating repair or replacement of equipment.

Unacceptable Uses of School Computers
Students are prohibited from using computers for non-school purposes. These include internet surfing, personal writing projects that are not academic in nature, and playing games, which are not sanctioned for classroom use by the teacher in charge.
Acceptable Use Policy - Student Summary
Note: Students need to know and follow the entire AUP. This section is an overview and a summary; all students must follow the entirety of the AUP.

LARK: Legal, Appropriate, Responsible, and Kind
Use of Christ the Lord computers, software, the network, email, Internet, and any component of information technology install or in use at Christ the Lord Lutheran School must be:

1) Legal: illegally copied or downloaded software, music, or games may not be used on any computer at Christ the Lord, including laptops issued to Christ the Lord students.

2) Appropriate: all communicated content is kind and respectful, only appropriate words and images are used and viewed—if inappropriate materials are viewed or received, it is the responsibility of the recipient to see that an adult is informed.

3) Responsible: meaning that diligent care is taken with all hardware, systems settings (including shared screen-savers or system files), and software, so as to prevent damage, changing, or misuse, whether intentional or not.

4) Kind: computer use does not in any way tread on the rights or feelings of others in the Christ the Lord community.

Electronic Signatures are mandatory (at least one parent and all CTL students)
I have read and understand the Christ the Lord Lutheran School Acceptable Use Policy and agree to the terms and conditions that are described within.
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