Verizon Access Request / Agreement
Chapel Hill ISD extends access for employees to Verizon on the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contract. This includes wireless internet access via a 'MiFi' with "unlimited" data usage (25G/mo truly unlimited and throttled thereafter) with free device and no commitment. Phone service is also available with "unlimited" data usage (25G/mo truly unlimited and throttled thereafter) and devices may be purchased at a discount without commitments or using existing devices.

For more specific technical information on Verizon MiFi's see:

*** Opening a new phone line generally gets a credit. Usually $100, it takes two billing cycles to appear.

For pricing on devices (tablets) or phones, request pricing by this form or a 'Tech Request' at under Help Desk.

Please keep in mind two very important differences between participating in an organizational account and a consumer based account:

1) parental controls available via the web console in a consumer based account are not available, and
2) account changes and ordering are performed manually (by tech request) and may take a few days to process.

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Services / Pricing
List phone #'s of existing lines to be moved and the current service provider:
(example: 555-555-1212 - Verizon OR 555-555-1212 Sprint)
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MiFi - $37.99 / month - "unlimited" data (25G/mo and then throttled) [LTE/4G]
no upfront cost, no commitment, upgrade available every 10 months [enter # of units requested]
Your answer
Phone Services - (minutes per device, unlimited text, "unlimited" data [25G/mo and then throttled]
talk minutes are shared by all lines in family (sub-bill) group, mobile-mobile + nights & weekends are unlimited talk minutes, your device, no commitment, available for purchase at discounts, existing Verizon accounts / devices may be moved into CHISD account with no penalties and commitments disappear (exception: PHONES ON EDGE PLAN WILL NOT TRANSFER UNLESS PAID OUT IN FULL) ****SELECT ONE AND ONLY ONE OPTION BELOW - hit refresh if you've mis-selected.
400 talk minutes per device, unlimited text / unlimited data ($49.99 / month each line)
600 talk minutes per device, unlimited text / unlimited data ($62.99 / month each line)
1000 talk min. per device, unlimited text / unlimited data ($74.99 / month each line)
1 line
2 lines
3 lines
4 lines
5 lines
6 lines
7 lines
8 lines
9 lines
10 lines
Other Devices (Tablets) - $37.99 / month - unlimited data (25G/mo and then throttled) [LTE/3G]
your unit(s), no commitment, purchase at discount [ENTER THE # OF UNITS TO BE ADDED] / Technology will contact you to discuss]
Your answer
List phone #'s of existing devices (tablets) to be moved
This can be found on your bill or from your service provider. List number and service provider.
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Protection - $10/device per month
Please note phones/devices you want covered - $50-200/deductible per incident depending on device type.
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Equipment Requested
[list devices (tablets) and / or phones requested to be priced for addition - Technology will provide final pricing before completion] ***equipment charges may be divided into payments of up to 12 months (total owed not to exceed Monthly Net Pay)
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For account security / setup, please provide a pin #.
[4 digit pin number]
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Agreement *
[check each box]
I hereby request the above services and acknowledge responsibility for charges and authorize Chapel Hill ISD to payroll deduct my wages for such. I accept responsibility to inform CHISD of any changes to my request for service or to continue to be responsible for the charges for such. I further acknowledge that I assume all ownership, liability and responsibility for equipment and the operation thereof. I acknowledge that service will be discontinued upon termination of my employment following my final payroll.
[type your name]
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