ChessCube Team Tournament (CCTT): Team Entry Form

Complete this form as the captain of a possible team in CCTT-2 Team captains are VERY important for the CCTT-2. You will be responsible for finding players, making sure they're online and ready to play at the time of a match, making sure they understand the rules AND making sure they are not cheaters/engine users. Your entire team will be disqualified if one of the players cheats, so you should be willing to call players (normally or through Skype/ChessCube), find their REAL names and be comfortable that they are legitimate (e.g. don't put anyone on your team who you cannot find out information about). So, there is some work involved with being a team captain! Applications must be submitted before 24:00 GMT/Midnight on Monday, 9 September, 2013. Thanks for your interest in the CCTT-2!
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