POC EJ/CJ Resource Database Survey
Greetings! Welcome to the POC EJ/CJ Resource Database Survey!! The survey below is an effort to compile a referral list of people of color involved in Environmental Justice and Climate Justice in order to facilitate recommending POC in the EJ/CJ movement for certain roles.

Please note that all questions, aside from name and preferred mode of contact, are optional!

We will make this database accessible to the public through our People of Color in Environmental and Climate Justice Resource Persons Website www.pocinecj.org.

We will continue to update the site as we receive more registrants.

Please remember to let us know if any of your information changes over time.

Thank you in advance for completing the survey!

Most Sincerely,
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Ethnic/Racial Identity
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Other Identifier(s)
Ex. Youth, Faith Leader, Mother, Father, Asthmatic, Differently Abled, Fisherperson, Factory Worker, Disaster Survivor, LGBTQI
List the Current Organization(s)/Group(s)/Afilliation(s) you are involved with now, and your Role/Position.
Positions can be paid/unpaid. Please write in format "[Organization/Group/Afillitation]: [Role/Position]"
Current Network/Alliance/Coalition Memberships
Please specify if membership is individual or organizational.
Areas of Knowledge/Experience
***Please only include areas where you would feel comfortable speaking confidently on.*** For example, if the power goes out and there is no PowerPoint nor any notes! :) (Examples: Just Transition, Gender Justice, Parenthood/Motherhood/Fatherhood, Disaster, Resilience, Energy, Clean Power Plan, Sea Level Rise, Labor/Workers Rights, Trade, Black Lives Matter, Campaign Finance, Corporate Accountability, Human Rights, Emissions Reduction,Agriculture/Food, Water Rights, Land/Housing Rights, Toxics, Voting Rights, Civic Engagement, UNFCCC, Youth Organizing, Public Health, Waste/Recycling, Green Jobs, City Planning, Faith Organizing, Anti-Oppression, Direct Action, Community Resilience, etc.)
Please list the skills about which you feel confident in your ability to execute. Examples-- Communications/Digital Media, Community Organizing, Cultural Work, Facilitation, Mediation, Non-Violent Direct Action, Philanthropy, Policy Analysis, Research, Strategic Planning, Training, Writing, Etc.)
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