Leader in Training Application
Dear LIT Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in the Leader in Training Program at ChampionsTX. This exciting leadership training program for campers 11-18 years of age is designed to give you hands-on experience in camp counseling, child development, decision-making, community-building, conflict resolution and so much more.

Our program is specifically designed for three levels:
LIT Level 1: Incoming Middle Schoolers
LIT Level 2: Incoming 9th-10th Graders
LIT Level 3: “LIT3s” 11th-12th Graders

The LIT program is a stepping stone -- learning the skills it takes to be a camp counselor, staff member and leader in your home, school and community. With the program being designed in this way, we will ask more of you than we ask of typical campers: more maturity, more time, more giving of yourself. As a first step to the program, we ask that you fill out the online application for the LIT program. It is much like a job application. It will help us to know you a little better, and put your gifts and skills into camp. After we receive your application, we will let you know if you have been accepted into the program. We highly encourage that you turn in your application as soon as possible, and keep in contact with your references to make sure that they fill out your reference as soon as they can. If you or your parents have any questions about this experience, please email me at Camps@ChampionsTX.com. If you know of others interested in our LIT program, please encourage them to contact us soon, as each LIT Level has only 20 openings. Thanks! Hope to see you this summer! Sincerely,

Alison Callaway
Camp Department Leader

Acceptance letters will be sent via email by March 1st.
LIT applications may be accepted after March 1st if spots are still available.
**If applying for Fun Friday LIT Program (our condensed version) the online sign-up process will complete your registration. The full application will be needed to be accepted for camps. We suggest filling out the application as soon as they are sent.

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Which sessions are you applying to be a Leader in Training? Please note that LIT’s are encouraged to attend at least 3 weeks of camp. Those attending 3 weeks or more will be considered first for entrance to the program. Also, note that we only have 20 LIT openings each week. Switching weeks may not be possible after you register for LIT camp if weeks are full, so take careful consideration in choosing the weeks that you would like. *For Fun Fridays please sign-­up on the website. *
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Have you been a Junior Helper / LIT / or High School Intern at ChampionsTX before? If yes, what station or group did you work with? Would you like to do something similar again, or something different? *
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If you have any of these certifications, please list the expiration date: Lifeguard Training, Basic First Aid, Adult or Pediatric CPR, Babysitting Course, Other: *
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Are you interested in participating in the LIT Program as a volunteer (to earn volunteer hours) for no fee, or are you interested in earning cash? *
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