Model Plane Building @ CFC Madrid
Event will be Saturday June 3, 9-Noon at CFC Madrid Cafeteria.

Sign up below to build an airplane with your favorite 5-14 year old! In addition to building the plane, we'll touch on a few basics of aerodynamics and then go fly (inside or out, weather permitting).
Most importantly, we'll have some time for fellowship and fun. A few notes:

1) It is recommended that one adult per child be present. This will ensure that the outcome is as positive as possible for all. The project does involve some complicated gluing and folding, so for younger children, this may be more of them helping you, and with older children you will need to provide less assistance.
2) Construction involves the use of a hot glue gun, tape, and modeling clay.
3) $10 includes everything needed to build the plane. If you need help with the finances, please contact Pastor Ben.
4) Please watch this video: to be sure this looks like an age appropriate activity. It will also help you on the day of the build be more successful.
5) Please bring payment the day of the event
6) Materials are limited, so please be sure to show up if you sign up. We don't want to waste an opportunity.

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