CHMS 1 to 1 Student Laptop Program - Chromebooks

Presented by Ms Campbell - Tech Department - Located in the Library

Security: keep track of your laptop

  • Storage and charging station or mobile laptop cart in classroom area
  • Plan ahead for activities. Your computer should not be left unattended.
  • Keep your laptop in the cart or storage area when not in use. Do not stack things on your laptop. Remember it is fragile!
  • Most common repairs - cracked screens and cases from dropping or weight put on them.

Proper care

  • No Food or Drink around laptops
  • Hold laptop properly when carrying it around the building
  • Store laptop in a safe place when not using it
  • Keep the green plastic covers on your Chromebooks
  • Keep your laptop clean - Tech area has cleaning supplies
  • Don’t put on the edge of a desk
  • Use common sense

General Use

  • Student must follow the Acceptable Use Guidelines of Computers and the Internet for Students Inappropriate use will result in regular school discipline actions.
  • Laptop & power cord is required to charge the laptop each day. Make sure at the end of the day it is plugged in and charging.
  • No stickers on the laptops PLEASE
  • Keep to laptop out of extreme hot or cold temps


Chromebook updates will fix many issues

Restart when you see the arrow!

Printing From Chromebooks

All school printers are available through Cloud Print

In Most cases you will use the copier in your building to print - click the 3 dots - print


Some areas/teams also have a laser printer you can use.


  • Loss or theft
  • Broken or not working right - bring your computer to the CHMS computer lab
  • x 447 in the CHMS Learning Commons - Ms Campbell
  • CESU Help Desk
    Phone: 802-899-4093


CHMS 8th Grade students

Any 8th graders needing to take their school computer home should get a form from the office to be signed and returned by parents/guardian.

CHMS 1 to 1 Student Laptop program


CHMS Student 1to1 Laptop Program - Google Slides