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If you feel you or someone else's safety is at risk and you need immediate action please call the local police or 911.
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Prior to completing this form please consider the following definitions of conflict and bullying.

Conflict is characterized by the fact that it generally happens in the heat of the moment. It is often a difference of opinion and most of the time both parties involved are equally upset. It is not something that happens all the time nor is it planned, it tends to be just every now and then and most of the time those involved want to see it sorted out and those involved equally have the power to change the situation.

Bullying is more of a deliberate act and there is the intention to hurt, insult or threaten the other person. In the case of bullying there is a definite power imbalance where the bully seeks to manipulate the situation so that the target has no power. This makes it very difficult for the student being bullied. They want to see the bullying stopped; however, often there is no willingness on the bully’s side to change. Bullying is usually a repeated activity. Life can often become worse for the target as the bullying continues.
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