Walworth County Family Living Communication List
Completing this, you will be added to communication lists that you are interested in. Communications will include notification of upcoming education opportunities, helpful information, community resources and other updates of note.

If you'd like to be removed from a list, please contact Amanda at amanda.kostman@ces.uwex.edu or 262-741-4961 or Gonzo at gvega@co.walworth.wi.us or 262-741-4951.
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Please provide the following demographic information about yourself. This information is used to ensure our programming is reaching a diverse audience and to fulfill our obligations as a recipient of federal funding. You reserve the option to not provide this demographic information. Should you choose not to provide this information, please choose "Prefer not to respond."
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Most communications will be via email but occasionally a physical mailing, text messaging or phone calls may be used. Please only provide the information for the communication methods you''d prefer us to use to contact you.
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Financial Capability (spending plans, credit and debt, financial coaching, etc)
Healthy Lifestyles (health, physical fitness, nutrition, food safety, food preservation, mindfulness, etc.)
Human Development and Family Relationships (parenting, communicating across generations, aging communicates, etc)
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