Every woman's life has 3 stages:
Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

I'm proudly in Crone -- the wise woman, the sage -- and I'd like to welcome you here.
A lot of people have told me not to use the term Crone as it brings up images of a haggard old witch. I ignored that advice because I had the privilege of having 3 Crones in my life as I matured from Maiden to Mother to Crone, and they were the wise women in my life.

My first Crone, my grandmother, was there through the turbulent up and downs of: angry, anguished and exuberantly happy moments in my maiden phase. She always had wise suggestions and frequently made me laugh at myself.

My mother, the second Crone, was there during my first marriage and my mothering phase. A non-judgmental ear through the ending of that marriage and my loss of custody of my toddler. She celebrated with me the start of my second marriage, and helped me through the bridge building between myself and my step-wife (my son's step-mother) and my ex-husband.

When she died, her best friend, who'd been around all through my childhood, teenage years and adulthood, took over as my go-to person, my Crone, my ear, my sounding board, my weekly confidante. She helped me get from a place of despair when I was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, when I had marriage problems, whenever I struggled with anything. She, like my grandmother and mother before her, always had my best interests at heart. She helped me cope with life.

No matter what stage you personally are in, we all need that Crone energy to help us cope.

Hi there, I am Dawn Pilatowicz and I am offering you my own Crone energy.
What you can expect from me
Catherine Simmons
"Over the course of only a few years, Dawn has become like a second mother to me. She just resonates with love, generosity and kindness of spirit for each individual in her extended spirit family.
Essentially, I suspect my sessions with Dawn .... have completely changed my life, helped me own myself, and understand myself and others with a gentle meticulousness which I didn't have before. It's certainly helped me be more loving towards myself and others. Dawn has a great sense of humour, and a lightness about her. She always has good practical advice, and I am so excited to see her business flourish, as she gives of herself and her passion, to help others become their best, most mindful selves. I cannot recommend her enough."
- Catherine Simmons,,

"I thoroughly enjoyed the frank, open, go with the flow of whatever popped up thereby allowing for insights, observations to surface which may not have come through from a rigid approach or format. It was organic & magical, a moment marker for years to come :)!"
- LG

"Thanks again Dawn. I really enjoyed learning about myself and why people react to me (and I to them) the way they do. It was very beneficial."
- HG
About me
I chose to be crowned a Crone at my 60th birthday party in 2013. I accepted my wise woman status and finally stepped into my true calling: being a mentor and an elder.

I adore helping people. I used to be addicted to 'fixing' people. Maybe that was because I thought I was broken and that by fixing someone else I could fix myself. My biggest lesson has been the realization that I am not broken, I am simply a unique expression of Universal consciousness.

I now listen more, question more, study more, am more flexible in my thinking. I judge less, blame less, talk less, cry less. I have learned to love myself more, love others more. I am still a work in progress though. I am not a saint, I am a human being, doing the very best I can, minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year.

I have been living with a degenerative muscle disease for more than half my life. What a huge lesson that has been. The blessing has been getting to a place of acceptance. Instead of living my diagnosis I choose to live my life. With a lot of help from friends and family I have, in spite of this disease had some big adventures:
- traveled to Hong Kong, China and Malaysia to further my studies in martial arts
- went swimming with the dolphins
- visited John of God in Brazil
- went to Findhorn in Scotland (a lifelong dream)
- did a microlight flight for my 60th birthday!
(beware the inner thigh stretch if you have no strength to keep your legs from flying off into the wind)

I went from being a sailor and building our own yacht, to using a walking stick, then organic walkers (other people's arms), to a 3 wheeler walker, to a manual wheelchair and now my electric disability scooter and my Service Dog, Shyann. In my own home I call myself a 'clingon' as I have to cling to strangely placed furniture and walls to be able to get around. I have learned to ask for help, and gratefully and gracefully accept it when it is offered.
What I offer
Every single one of us is disabled in some way, I just wear mine on the outside.
Where are you disabled? What is your hidden struggle?

Are you looking for direction, someone to help you find your way?
Perhaps a listening, non-judgmental ear?
Do you need some practical help on how to transform negative habits into positive rituals?
Are you struggling to understand or be understood by someone in your life?
Do you want to enhance your spiritual practice and access your innate wisdom?
Are you hurting? Would you like to become empowered?

Hurt people, hurt other people; empowered people, empower other people.

May I help you get from your own hurt to being empowered?
Crone sessions
Need to be seen, heard and recognised for who you are? These sessions are designed around you and the issues that are holding you back. I use my intuition, my life experiences, BodyTalk, Human Design, and insights learned from the Transformation Game, to help you learn to love and accept yourself just as you are.

We meet online via Zoom

Your investment: £59.95 / hour or £33 / 30mins
Ann Williams
"I had a fantastic mentoring session with Dawn Pilatowicz. So much more than coaching. I am honoured to have met Dawn .. and to be able to continue my relationship with her.
She is an incredible lady who is living with a muscular inflammatory / degenerative disease called Polymyositis.
Yet despite the pain and the dis-ability of not being able to do all the physical things that she used to be able to do, she has the most amazing outlook on health and our bodies which has helped her to not only live, but absolutely thrive with this condition for well over 30 years now....
So I am looking forward to our mentoring sessions using Skype. (Wish more companies realised how easy and powerful electronic connectivity can be in the workplace.)"
- Ann Williams,
Ongoing Mentorship program
Gran-on-Call only:
* Daily guidance in the private FaceBook support group

Monthly membership: £22 per month (suggested donation)
Annual membership: £222

The full mentorship program gives you:
* Gran-on-Call
* 2 hours of my time per month, which can be a combination 30 or 60 minute sessions

Monthly membership: £121
Quarterly membership: £333
Annual membership: £1221
Kim Unser
"With gratitude, abundance, blessings and joy for positive growth, in the world we enjoy, may the dream we dream grow more present every day.
There is no price I could count for the wisdom you have shared with me. I am in love with the journey thanks to you. So much love."
- Kim Unser,,
Ingrid Liberté
"Dawn is my go to girl, my sounding board which is so important to me because I get lost in my own mind of thoughts that rush continually. I have learnt so much about my life, struggles, dreams and goals with her patiently guiding me, even if I ask the same question a different way or get lost on the way while I am figuring it out.

Dawn is genuine and uses her own life experiences and also what she is learning from her own mentors to help me and I am amazed how often what she learns, I need, sometimes on the same day!

Her tools are Spiritual and practical and there is no judgement for what your Spiritual beliefs are, which is a relief for me coming from a religious background.

I highly recommend her courses and her personal help.

Thank you Dawn for being in my life."
- Ingrid Liberté,,
I am not big on pieces of paper, I prefer to call myself QBE (qualified by experience). I do have quite a few certificates in a drawer somewhere. I follow my passions and study things that make an impact on myself first, then I share them with my closest friends and then they ripple out to their friends. Finally, I feel comfortable offering them to the world.

Each of us has a unique contribution to make to the world. I am doing that, using my uniqueness. I am a contributor not a guru.

I have changed from being a victim to a victor of:
- an emotionally abusive relationship
- a loss of custody of my child
- a loss of my dream of sailing around the world
- a degenerative disease
- my wheelchair

I have dabbled in:
- astrology
- philosophy
- energy medicine
- martial arts
- Chinese medicine
- my latest passion is Human Design, which teaches us who we really are and how we operate in this world.

Oh, and I have also run my own software company for 29 years. I now prefer to 'program' people instead of computers.
My digital footprint

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