Assessment of Recovery Capital
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1. Peer number:
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2. I am currently completely sober
3. I feel I am in control of my substance use.
4. I have had no "near things" about relapsing.
5. I have had no recent periods of substance intoxication.
6. There are more important things to me in life than using substances.
7. I am able to concentrate when I need to
8. I am coping with stresses in life
9. I am happy with my appearance
10. In general I am happy with my life
11. What happens to me in the future mostly depends on me
12. I cope well with everyday tasks
13. I feel physically well enough to work
14. I have enough energy to complete the tasks I set myself
15. I have no problems getting around
16. I sleep well most nights
17. I am proud of the community I live in and feel part of it-sense of belonging
18. It is important for me to contribute to society and or be involved in activities that contribute to my community
19. It is important for me to do what I can to help other people
20. It is important for me that I make a contribution to society
21. My personal identity does not revolve around drug use or drinking
22. I am happy with my personal life
23. I am satisfied with my involvement with my family
24. I get lots of support from friends
25. I get the emotional help and support I need from my family
26. I have a special person that I can share my joys and sorrows with
27. I am actively involved in leisure and sport activities
28. I am actively engaged in efforts to improve myself (training, education and/or self awareness)
29. I engage in activities that I find enjoyable and fulfilling.
30. I have access to opportunities for career development (job opportunities, volunteering, or apprenticeships)
31. I regard my life as challenging and fulfilling without the need for using drugs or alcohol.
32. I am proud of my home
33. I am free of threat or harm when I am at home
34. I feel safe and protected where I live
35. I feel that I am free to shape my own destiny
36. My living space has helped to drive my recovery journey
37. I am free from worries about money
38. I have the personal resources I need to make decisions about my future
39. I have the privacy I need
40. I make sure I do nothing that hurts or damages other people
41. I take full responsibility for my actions
42. I am happy dealing with a range of professional people
43. I do not let other people down
44. I eat regularly and have a balanced diet
45. I look after my health and wellbeing
46. I meet all of my obligations promptly
47. Having a sense of purpose in my life is important to my recovery journey
48. I am making good progress on my recovery journey
49. I engage in activities and events that support my recovery
50. I have a network of people I can rely on to support my recovery
51. When I think of the future I feel optimistic
Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this survey! You are helping us out a lot!
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