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Transportation Rules of Conduct
Ridership on school buses is a privilege, which may be suspended at any time by Celina ISD Transportation Department. The rules below define the expected conduct of students using the transportation system. Violations of these rules may be dealt with by verbal warning, written warning, suspension from bus ridership, or revocation of rider privilege.

General Rules
1. The bus driver is in charge of the students on the bus.
2. Only authorized personnel, eligible bus students to a specific bus and students may
be allowed to have other students ride with them under special circumstances.
The student may be dropped off at a location other than their regular designated stop when there is available seating on the bus and permission has been granted through written request and a parent call by the parent of the eligible bus student.
3. Buses will stop at established stops only. Students will only be allowed to load or leave the bus when they have reached their designated stop unless the conditions stated above have been met.
4. Due to the need for adult control and responsibility in a school bus system, acts which disrupt the driver’s control of the bus are prohibited.
5. In order to assure the proper control is maintained on the bus, video survelliance cameras may be used at any time.

Disciplinary Rules
1. All students will remain properly seated at all times and not block the center aisle. Students may be assigned seats at the discretion of the bus driver.
2. Students must keep their hands, heads, feet and other personal objects inside the bus at all times.
3. Littering and throwing items inside or from the bus is prohibited.
4. No food, beverages, candy or chewing gum may be consumed on the bus.
5. Vandalizing or defacing a bus is not only a violation of this code, but a criminal
violation as well. Such acts may be dealt with disciplinary action, criminal charges or both.
6. No animals are allowed on the bus unless such animals are for use by disabled students as part of an authorized program aid to the student.
7. The following items are contraband and possession of them on a bus will subject the violator to disciplinary action, criminal charges or both:

A. Weapons
B. Illegal drugs
C. Alcoholic beverages
D. Fireworks
E. Tobacco products
D. Pictures, drawings or writings which may be offensive to any other person. These may include but are not limited to, sexual materials, hate related materials, etc.

8. Fighting, shoving or scuffling on the bus is prohibited. Due to safety concerns of such actions on a moving bus, this may be dealt with by the most severe disciplinary penalties allowed by this code or criminal charges or both.
9. Attacks of any sort against bus drivers or other bus service personnel will be dealt with by the most severe disciplinary penalties allowed by this code or criminal charges or both.

Penalties in this section are intended as a guideline and do not restrict Celina ISD from enhanced penalties in serious or aggravated situations. Again, bus ridership is a privilege which may be removed.

First Offense: Verbal warning, written warning, or both issued to the student immediately

Second Offense: Possible suspension issued to student (1 to 3 days)

Third Offense: Possible three to ten day suspension effective immediately. A parent-student conference with the Transportation Department will be mandatory before the student is allowed to return on the bus.

Severe Offense: Revocation of bus privilege until such time as the student can adequately demonstrate his/her ability to comply with the rules set forth for his/her conduct.
At any given time, the School District does have the authority to remove a student from the bus due to misconduct.

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