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Transportation Rules of Conduct
Transportation Rules of Conduct

Celina ISD’s goal is to provide a safe, efficient and enjoyable experience for the children who ride the bus. We look forward to serving your family with convenient and secure bus service.
The school bus is an extension of the classroom. All rules that apply in the classroom apply to the bus and discipline will be administered by the Principal. All school board policies that apply to student conduct and other student related activities apply to the school bus. Only eligible students are allowed to ride the school bus.

Consequences for improper conduct on the bus may include the following but is not limited to:

Conduct behaviors:
Very loud talking, screaming
Using inappropriate language
Speaking in a way that teases, hurts or harasses others
Failure to keep the bus clean
Eating or drinking on the bus without permission of the driver (water is permitted)
Failure to follow the bus driver’s or bus monitor’s instructions
Students shall face forward for the duration of the trip, wear seatbelt and keep their feet on the floor and out of the aisle
Failure to keep hands, head or feet inside the bus at all times
Throwing objects inor out of the bus
Vandalizing the bus or others’ personal property
Hitting, punching, kicking or physically assaulting another student or driver

Loading the Bus
Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pick-up time. The driver will not honk or wait for riders
The driver cannot pick up students unless they are at their designated bus stop
Stand clear of the bus until it come to a complete stop
Do not push or shove
Use handrail and steps
Go to your assigned seat. Fasten seatbelts, if equipped. The bus will not move until all students are seated properly.

Exiting the Bus
Buses will stop at established stops only.
Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped
Be sure to remove all personal items upon exiting
No student is allowed to get off at a stop other than their assigned stop on their assigned route
If any article drops or rolls near or under the bus, do not go after it. Go to the door of bus and ask the driver for assistance
All Pre-K and kindergarten students must have a parent, listed approved adult or sibling present at the bus stop in order to be released from the bus. If no adult or sibling is present, or the listed approved adults cannot be contacted, the student will be taken to the Transportation Department

Crossing the Street or Roadway
All students shall exit the bus, move to a point 10-12 feet in front of the right bumper and wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross
Check in both directions and walk directly across the road.
Never cross the road behind the bus
CAUTION! Be alert for vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading and unloading students

Accidents or Emergencies
Follow the bus driver’s instructions
If students must leave the bus, leave the bus in a single file as quickly and as quietly as possible, follow the drivers instructions and stay in a group

Extra-Curricular Trips
All bus rider rules apply to all school sponsored events
Discipline on the bus will be the responsibility of the school principle and the trip sponsor
The bus must be kept clean and free of any articles left behind

Video recordings will be viewed by the Director of Transportation, School Principals and Administration Personnel only
Video tapes or copies will not be released from the Transportation Office
Students shall not record the voice or image of another without the prior consent of the individuals or in any way disrupts the environment or invades the privacy of others.

Conduct on the bus
Remain seated with the seatbelt fastened (if bus is so equipped) for the duration of the trip, and remain seated until the door opens
Students shall face forward for the duration of the trip, keeping their feet on the floor in front of them and out of the aisle
A student shall not refuse to sit in an assigned seat or deny another a place to sit
Do not throw any object inside or outside the bus
Normal conversation is permitted; loud noises/music may distract the driver, causing unsafe conditions
The driver can ask the student to put away any items that disrupts or is a safety issue on the bus. The driver can remove the disruptive item or items until they arrive at their stop or campus
Only Celina ISD Students and staff are the only authorized persons to board school buses
Do not mark, cut, poke, tear or scratch any part of the bus. Vandalism costs will be charged to the person or persons who are responsible
Scuffling, fighting, use of obscene, vulgar or profane language or gestures are strictly prohibited and may constitute suspended bus privileges
Students will not extend any part of their body or extend any article out of the window at any time
Students shall not record the voice or image of another without the prior consent of the individuals being recorded
Pictures, drawings, writings or anything that may be offensive to any other person
It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation to school or home if the student misses the bus
No type of animal, pet or bird is permitted on the school bus
Drivers and school officials are not responsible for articles left on the bus

Prohibited Items
Tobacco, vaporizers, matches, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, drugs or drug paraphernalia
Live animals or insects
Glass containers
Alcoholic beverages
Weapons, explosives, knives, water guns, laser pens or pointers.
Any articles too large to be held in the student’s lap or imposes on others will not be allowed on the bus
Students will not eat or drink on the bus. Bottles or cans whether full or empty will not be allowed on any bus with the exception of bottled water

Penalties for failure to follow these Rules could include;
Assigned to another seat
Consultation with campus administrator
Verbal warning, written warning or both
A parent-student conference
Possible suspension issued to students from 1 to 3 days
Possible suspension issued to students from 3 to 10 days or
Revocation of all bus privileges
At any given time, Celina ISD does have the authority to remove a student from the bus due to misconduct
The campus administrator at their discretion may increase/decrease the consequence of any level of misconduct
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