Hands on experience in Laptop Chip Level
Chip Level Training is a training program where indi-viduals learn how to assemble and disassemble laptops and desktops. It is associated with knowledge of hard-ware maintenance and chip level of different machines. Chip Level Training offers a detailed training program to help you acquire complete knowledge and learning of the same. Individuals in different fields can imbibe themselves with the necessary knowledge and skill.
Course Contents:
SMPS-Components, Identifying various faults in SMPS, Identification & rectification of faults, SMPS repairing, replacing faulty components. LCD Monitor-Working Principle, Components, Dis-Assembling, Faults Finding, LCD Monitor repair-ing using Schematic, Power Supply in LCD Monitor, Replacement CCFL & LED. Mother Board-Components, Schematic, Measuring voltages & signals on Mother Board for each compo-nent, Repairing mother board using debug card, Oscil-loscope & SMD re-work station, Removing Fault com-ponents in Mother Board and replacing it with SMD re-work station. Laptop-Theory, Schematic, Parts in Laptop, Dealing various faults in Laptop, How to Identify Common faults in Laptop using Schematic diagrams, Assembling & Dis-assembling various laptop step by step, Major Circuits in Laptop Mother board, volt-in, step-down, Dealing with VRM Section, Laptop Repairing (Mother Board, LCD Display), Bios Programming, Touchpad, Key pad, Camera, wireless Card replacement, Battery Repairing. Re-furbishing, Rebuild Review of all the Topics
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