Responsible Use of Digital Technologies at CDNIS (Teachers)

Responsible Use of Digital Technologies at CDNIS (Teachers)

CDNIS is considered one of the leading international schools in South East Asia and has earned an enviable reputation with respect to successful integration of educational technologies.

As learning professionals, all teachers at CDNIS are expected to use digital technologies in support of their professional duties, as an integral part of the school’s curriculum.

This expectation is guided by our community goals of Digital Learning Infusion, the IB Learner Profile and School Mission.

As a school committed to each student using digital technologies as a personal learning device, and with internationally recognised leadership across the digital learning spectrum, CDNIS is continually moving forward in its use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. A Digital Learning Infusion plan underpins the school’s approach.

At the heart of this is an expectation that use of digital will consider

– Respecting Rights of Others
– Protecting Privacy and Reputation
– Remembering your Reputation
– Respecting Copyright Laws
– Responding Promptly and Constructively to one’s Mistakes
– Awareness of Consequences
– Focusing on Quality Teaching and Learning, and
– Being mindful of Balanced approaches

Refer to for the school’s Digital Learning Infusion guidelines


Use of social media is part of the ethical standards that all CDNIS employees follow. Within education, gaming and social media are seen as potential pathways for high-order thinking and appropriate learning. The keys to getting the most out of any technology are balance, relationship building, and education focus. Positiveness, teamwork and consistency are key elements.

Refer to for a statement on Gaming and Social Media use at CDNIS


All digital technologies and accessories provided by CDNIS, such as MacBook computers and iPads, are primarily for teaching and learning. Before departing the school they need to be returned in person to the IT department. This include

– If you are taking a year of absence or are on maternity leave for more than 6 months
– In the last week of school if you have not signed a contract for the next school year


– File-sharing of copyright protected materials, downloading illegal music and videos on school devices is not acceptable
– Installation of illegal software for personal and/or school use on digital devices is also not acceptable

Refer to for more on caring for your MacBook or iPad.

Do take the time to familiarize yourself with our guidelines in order to clarify your professional responsibilities and those of the school. Staff sign and abide with this agreement as part of the stipulation to receive and borrow digital technologies, which include a laptop for professional use as an employee of the school, within school contractual requirements.

Students also follow Responsible Use expectations which are available at
US student RUA:
LS student RUA:

Guidelines are updated as necessary.
LTT and IT always welcomes feedback, discussion and teacher input.

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