Peer Evaluation for 20% Projects
NOTE: You only have to fill this out if you are in a group.
NOTE: You will have to fill this out ONCE per group member (ie. 2 submissions for a group of 3)
Name of Evaluator *
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Name of group member you are evaluating. *
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Period *
Rate your group member on setting progressive goals *
Did you group member set goals that progressed your product?
No, they were always the redoing the previous goal.
Yes, the goals were challenging and helped progress the product
Rate your group member on meeting those goals on time *
Did you group member meet the goals that they set?
No, goals were never met, even with sufficient reminding.
Yes, the goals were always met without reminder.
Rate your group member on adding value to the project *
Did you group member's work add value to your product?
No, my group member hindered the progression of the project and added nothing of value.
Yes, my group member's input to the product added value.
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