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Application MUST be submitted 45 days prior to the first day of the event.
Professional development must have a minimum of three hours of training, excluding breaks, to qualify for SCECH credit.
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Please provide information on what participants will be able to do as a result of attending, and the overall purpose of the program.
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If this is a conference or a series, what is the range of hours?
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The actual time used for instruction. Do NOT count the welcome, breaks, lunch, dinner speeches, homework, preparation time, registration, or similar non-instructional activities.
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IACET certification must be submitted with SCECH application to Karmen Hungerford at 1013 South US-27, St. Johns, MI 48879
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Restrictions may include: limited to a specific school, specific teacher group, etc.
If yes, and program is restricted, please indicate specific restriction below.
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