CCCC Library Review: Quiz
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1. List two services offered by CCCC Libraries.
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2. What are the names of two library resources that you can use to complete your assignment?
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4. Type or copy and paste in your most successful search from today's session.
(Ex. Music AND "United States")
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3. Were you able to find & e-mail yourself an article?
5. What is the difference between scholarly and popular articles?
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6. I am writing a paper for class to answer the question "How does post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affect dreams?" Which would be the best search to use in a library database?
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How can you narrow your search in a library database to get a smaller amount of results that are more relevant to what you're actually looking for?
Name one way to get help in the library.
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Which is the one way you CANNOT save an online article or book to access it later?
7. Is anything unclear after today's library instruction session?
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