Summer High School English + Art/Design Program

Program Dates: July 14 - August 2, 2014 Accepting Applications Now Please submit the following materials to the contact listed below: • Application form (online or .pdf form) • $50 nonrefundable application fee (.pdf form) • High school transcript, including grades from fall 2013 • Documentation of English proficiency Exam score or email from a current English teacher to the Program Coordinator describing applicant's current level of English language development • One-page statement of interest, written by applicant, describing interest in attending the program • One letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, with description of applicant's English language background and overall preparedness for study in the United States Grace Remy Summer English Programs Coordinator CCA -- Office of Special Programs 5212 Broadway Oakland CA 94618 Email: Phone: 510.594.3710 / Fax: 510.594.3771
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