Community Event Funding Guidelines

Individual students or groups of students interested in planning a campus community event (i.e. film screening, dance, excursions, etc.) may submit a proposal to the Office of Student Life for funding. Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 1. Events or service must benefit the campus community. 2. Events or service should be consistent with the mission of the college. 3. Events or service must be otherwise unavailable (or inadequately available on or near the campus). 4. Events or service must be adequately planned and publicized. 5. Groups/individuals must maintain accounting records and work collaboratively with Chimera Council or Graduate Student Alliance to budget funds once they are allocated. SELECTION PROCESS Applicants will be chosen based on the information provided in a completed proposal form and timeline. The proposal is designed to better inform the Office of Student Life about your event and interest/motivation for coordinating a campus community event. Please be clear and concise in your proposal. STEP 1: Fill out online proposal form. STEP 2: Proposals will be reviewed by Chimera Council or Graduate Student Alliance. STEP 3: Selected applicants will be notified by email (1-2 weeks). RESPONSIBILITIES If your community event is selected, your responsibilities are as follows: 1. Acknowledge that all actions and decisions should be made for the benefit of the student community. 2. Represent and be accountable to the college as well as the Office of Student Life. 3. Maintain a respectful and professional manner at all times. 4. Provide financial records to indicate how all student activity fee allocated funds were expended. 5. Provide documentation, sample print material and photos for archival with the Office of Student Life. A hold will be placed on reimbursement checks until completed. QUESTIONS? If you were a recipient from Chimera Council please email If you were a recipient from Graduate Student Alliance please email
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Community Event Proposal Form

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