Application: Graduate Student Alliance Leadership Position

Graduate Student Alliance, GSA, has a mission of building community through funding and promoting graduate student projects and advocating for the needs of the graduate community. DIRECTORS responsibilities are: • Inform the graduate community of the mission of GSA through posting flyers and sending grad wide emails with GSA’s contact information. • Regularly check GSA email account for student feedback and respect all requests for anonymity from concerned students. • Enlist student to represent their particular department so that concerns and issues outside of your department are sought out. • Attend monthly GSA Director meetings, and annual meetings with CCA’s President. • Collaborate with undergraduate student council efforts. • Present the mission of GSA to incoming graduate students during Fall graduate Student Orientation and enlist their participation. • Attend events (when possible) that affect campus culture etc. • Conduct/host annual student survey to compile student complaints, concerns, and compliments about their experience at CCA, and share this data with graduate Program Managers. [Director of Advocacy] • Coordinate the selection and follow up process for the GSA community proposal fund. [Director of Programming] • Perform other duties as assigned. Please contact GSA at for more information. You may either apply for a position or nominate a fellow graduate student.
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