ENGAGE at CCA Course Proposal (Faculty)
The Center is excited to hear your ideas for an ENGAGE at CCA course!

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We recognize that not all project ideas come fully formed, so provide as much info as you are currently able. Use narrative when appropriate, but bullet points are otherwise sufficient.

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If you a proposing a partnership for the immediate next semester (e.g., proposing in Fall 2015 for Spring 2016), you must already have a line approved by a Program Chair.
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What year and semester (ex: Fall 2017) will this course be offered? If not yet approved by a Program Chair, note the year and semester you would like to offer the course.
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If approved, use title from CCA's WebAdvisor. If not yet approved, use your working title.
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If approved, note the Academic Program(s) that host the course. If not yet approved, note the Program(s) you intend to approach about the course.
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