Wahconah School Building Project
You are receiving this questionnaire from the Central Berkshire Regional School District School Building Committee. The School Building Committee has been formed in response to Wahconah Regional High School being invited into the CORE program to study the best long term solution for Wahconah Regional High School with partial funding from the Massachusetts Association of School Building Authorities. If you are not yet familiar with the project more information is available on the school website at http://www.cbrsd.org/for_parents/m_s_b_a_building_project.
Your answer
Your answer
What town do you reside in?
What age demographic accurately reflects you?
Did you attend Wahconah Regional High School ?
Do you currently have children in the CBRSD School System or non-school age children you are planning to have attend?
If you answered yes to the previous question please check the grade levels your children are in.
Do you have children who previously attended CBRSD?
Prior to receiving this survey were you familiar with the Wahconah Building Project?
How do you typically access information about the CBRSD?
What grade configurations would you like to see studied in a feasible study? (A feasibility study is the first step in the project to allocate funds to study the best long term solution, this would include cost and grade configurations.)
Have you been inside Wahconah Regional High School recently (past 2-3 years)?
Would a tour of the school assist you in understanding the issues that would be addressed in a school feasibility study?
What are the factors you would consider in assessing the merits of a school feasibility study?
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