Deacon Election Ballot
You may nominate a total of 15 men on this form. Please submit the ballot by Sunday, June 10, 2018.
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The men listed meet the Group attendance requirement and can be nominated. Names with an asterisk are ordained Deacons that are not currently serving and they can be nominated as well.
* Ordained not currently serving (these men can be nominated)
2017-2018 Active Deacons - The men listed below are currently serving.
Deacons Serve for three years. The year indicated for a group, is the year that those listed rotate off the active list.

David Baker
Tommy Baxter
George Bernal
John Bowman
Randy Friday
Casey Green
Shane Kail
Russell Livingston
Tom McDaniel
Haden Minton
Mike "Moose" Myers
Lyndal Trout
Bob Vest

Warren Bell
Bill Bynum
David Counts
Scott Cramer
Charlie Davidson
David Holmes
Jerry Mitchell
Dennis Robbins
Justin Thomas
Robert Thomas

Rick Bender
Paul Browning
Chuck Childers
Mickey Cunningham
James Dumas
Joe Flud
Ladd Hoffman
Ray Irving
Wes Reeves
Foy L. Rotan
Bobby Stovall

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