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Landlord/Property Management Review
Thank you for taking this survey! The survey is broken into sections: the landlord and apartment. Please take time to fill out this survey thoughtfully and note that this survey is meant to be filled by those who live/have lived in the Urbana Champaign area only. These reviews will go toward a landlord and apartment review report website that students and community members will be able to use to help their apartment search.
Who is your landlord or what property management company do you rent from?
Please select "Other" if your landlord is not listed, and type the name in the box provided.
Your answer
Rate your landlord/property management criteria based on the following criteria.
Maintenance (response speed and quality)
Professionalism (communication ability, handling of finances, politeness, etc)
Overall: How was your overall rental experience with your property management company/landlord?
Pros and Cons: check the box if it describes your landlord. Feel free to add a descriptions of your own.
Write detail review for your landlord/property manager.
Sharing your rental experience helps others find the right landlord/property management company and avoid problems! Feel free to give tips to potential tenants, or advice/feedback to the landlord.
Your answer
Would you recommend your landlord/property manager to others?
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