CWRU for Sanctuary Campus
Dear President Snyder,

With the post-election results and increased violence toward the Latinx community including its most vulnerable members, we, the undersigned students, staff, faculty, and community members of this campus, ask you to implement a plan to declare our campus a sanctuary for all Latinx students, staff, and their family members, including especially those who face imminent deportation.

As you might know, according to an internal 2011 memo of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, ICE officers are subject to certain restrictions upon entering college campuses without authorization. ( This puts CWRU in an important and unique position, which it can and should use to protect undocumented community members from government agents. It is, we believe, the responsibility of CWRU to ensure that it remains a place where the administration actively protects the rights and safety of all members of its community.

We respectfully ask that you implement the following actions as quickly as possible:

(1) Issue a public statement from the administration reaffirming the university’s commitment to support and protect all of its students and workers, regardless of their citizenship status, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

(2) Reaffirm the university’s commitment to create a campus atmosphere of respect by denouncing the hate speech directed at immigrants, minorities, women, and the LGBTQ community.

(3) Declare CWRU to be a sanctuary campus that will actively refuse to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids.

(4) Guarantee student privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of our students and community members to any government agency.

(5) Publicize resources available to undocumented students, with a staff member in the Office of Multicultural Affairs who is specifically trained to aid undocumented students, and offer free on-campus access to legal counsel.

(6) Make funds available to assist undocumented students (and faculty, staff and students with family members) in need.
a. For current DACA recipients, guarantee that any and all merit-based scholarships they are awarded will not be forfeited if the DACA program is to be rescinded.
b. Include DACA recipients and undocumented students in all merit, university, and diversity initiative scholarship eligibility.

(7) Ensure that all students receive a campus, classroom, and community experience free of hostilities, aggressions, and bullying regarding immigration status. Communicate unequivocally and repeatedly that undocumented students are full members of the CWRU community who will be protected to the fullest power of the administration.

(8) Respond promptly, effectively, and swiftly to entries into the Bias Reporting System.

(9) Identify particular spaces on campus where those who feel threatened can seek refuge and protection, such as safe areas where staff and faculty are trained on how to engage and aid students who are undocumented.

RSU will be accepting signatures until December 1st, 2016

Organization Signees:

Radical Student Union @ CWRU
The Undergraduate Student Government
La Alianza
Muslim Student Association
CWRU National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI on Campus)
The Feminist Collective @ CWRU
The Inamori Center
Vietnamese Student Association
The Social Justice Institute
The African American Society
The Middle Eastern Cultural Association
Young Democratic Socialists
Women's and Gender Studies Program @ CWRU
Ethnic Studies Program @ CWRU
Advocates for Cleveland Health
Schubert Center for Child Studies
CWRU Science and Human Rights Coalition

Individual Signees:

Gabriel Murcia - History & Spanish, Radical Student Union President
Dallas Eckman - Incoming Vice President of Social Responsibility of the IFC, RSU
Jaimee Miller - History & Political Science, Student Programmer at Center for Women, RSU
Evan Adams, Secretary of the Radical Student Union
Austin Arnold - Secretary of the Radical Student Union
Kat Retting - RSU, Vice President of Spectrum
Amalia Gitosuputro - Muslim Student Association President
Xavier Murillo, La Alianza - President
Andrew Jimenez, La Alianza - Vice President
Rudolf Weber, LGBT Center
Aquene Kimmel, President of Spectrum
Cheryl Toman, Director of Ethnic Studies Program & Director of Women's Studies Program
Shannon French, Director of the Inamori Center
Lisa Kollins, Social Justice Institute Administrator
Camille Warner, Social Justice Institute Leadership Team
Loretta Laffitte-Griffin, Social Justice Leadership Team
Austin Fainsod, Research fellow at the Social Justice Institute
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer, Beamer-Schneider Professor in Ethics
Lilly Tesfai, President of the Undergraduate Diversity Collaborative
Jake Bumgarner, Secretary of the UDC
Mike Hampton, Internal Development Committee of the UDC
Viral Mistry, Internal Development Committee of the UDC
Bill Lenart, President of the Science and Human Rights Coaltion
Katherine Bush, President of Young Democratic Socialists
Brian Ward, Student Body President
Nishu Uppal, USG, Speaker of the General Assembly
Timothy Nicholas, VP of Public Relations
Matthew Bentley, USG VP of IT, Hacker Society VP of ACM
Priyal Chadha, Treasurer of the USG
Ivy Petsinger, USG VP of Student Life
Lillian Trambley, USG College of Engineering Representative
Andrew Thompson, USG College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Angela Rui, USG College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Morgan Wood, USG College of Arts and Sciences Representative
Adrian Hattan, USG First Year Representative
Daniel Liu, USG First Year Representative
Tim O'Shea, USG First Year Representative
Divya Manoharan, USG First Year Representative
Radhika Duggal, USG, First Year Representative
Harper Case, USG First Year Representative
Hersh Bhatt, USG First Year Representative
Eliana Ondrejko, USG Weatherhead School of Management Representative
Andrew Dupuis, President of the Residence Hall Association
Lucy Wan, RHA VP of Marketing & Campus Relations
Cameron Childers, RHA VP of Administration and Finance
Will Oldham, President of the IFC
Katherine Rodgers, Vice President of Social Responsibility of the Panhellenic Council
Erin Camia, Pan-Hellenic Council Assistant VP of Recruitment
Tori Hamilton, President of the Feminist Collective at CWRU
Jessica Lam, Vice President of the FCC
Jake Rovner, The Feminist Collective
Anupama Cemballi, Advocates for Cleveland Health President
Maia Delegal, President of NAMI on Campus CWRU
Michael Nguyen, President of Vietnamese Student Association
Makela Hayford, President of The African American Society
Arik Stewart, Vice President of The African American Society
Waed Eid, Treasurer of Middle Eastern Cultural Association
Sarah Starr, VP of Chabad
Nicole Park, NAMI education exec, GASA chair
Temi Omilabu, University Programming Board President
Maria Kuznetsov, UPB Director of Promotion and DFA Events Coordinator
David Grosh, UPB member
Tejas Joshi, President of PME
Jordyn Ting, Vice President of PME
Alex Grabanski, Treasurer of PME
MC Perrin, LGBT Center; CWRU Theater Department
Danielle Bernat Sabo, Center for Women
Priya Govender, Spartan Winterfest, Solstice member
Vivian Zeng, Treasurer of the Student Sustainability Council
Leo Ndiaye, Student Sustainability Council
Natalie Bick, Secretary of CWRUcio and Vice President of Best Buddies
Hunter Greene, Spartan Dance Team
Elisaida Mendez, CWRU UCS Clinical Counselor
Jonathan Tan, The Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Professor of Catholic Studies
Wanda Strychalski, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Kenneth Ledford, Chair of the Department of History
John Flores, Professor of Immigration History
Jonathan Sadowsky, Associate Professor of History
John Broich, Professor of History
Daniel Cohen, Department of History
Patricia Princehouse, Director - Program in Evolutionary Biology
Laura Hengehold, Chair of the Department of Philosophy
Karen Beckwith, Chair of the Department of Political Science
Josh Stacher, Professor at Kent State
Joy Bostic, Professor of Religious Studies
Timothy Beal, Professor of Religious Studies
Marie Lathers, Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
Pete Moore, Professor of Political Science
Ruqaiijah Yearby, Professor of Law
Lawrence Greksa, Professor of Anthropology
Cynthia Beall, Professor of Anthropology
Jill Korbin, Professor of Anthropology
Janet McGrath, Professor of Anthropology
Nisha Malhotra, Member, Global Ethical Leaders Society
Rosemary Behmer Hansen, CWRU Science and Human Rights Coalition
Theodore Eisenberg, Public Relations Director, WRUW-FM 91.1 Cleveland
Jill Korbin, Schubert Center for Child Studies Director
Gabriella Celeste, Schubert Center for Child Studies Policy Director
Kyle Riedmann, Secretary of Circle K International at CWRU
Narcisz Fejes, SAGES fellow
Robert Carrier, Vice President of Delta Sigma Phi
Andrew Strimaitis, Social Chair of Delta Sigma Phi
Marquis Sanders, Brother- Delta Sigma Phi
Adam Schrecengost, Weatherhead alumni network and Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Jared Griebel, Beta Theta Pi Advisor
Aidan Klemm, Case-in-Point a cappella, Beta Theta Pi
Tyome Niroomand, Alpha Phi
Shannon Claire Cordero, Sigma Psi
Andrea Manchester, Sigma Psi
Emily Sparks, Alum and current graduate student
Abdullah Abu Sharmota, Alum
Sohail Hasanali, Alum
Charlie Topel, Alum
Hannah Bidigare-Curtis, Alum
Katie Rose, Alum
Kaitlyn Estes, Alum
Tony Spalding, Alum
Nikita Dhami, Alum
Philip Bernstein, Alum
Ashlee Lambert, Alum
Megan Michelson, Alum
Meera Patel, Alum
Remy Niman, Alum
Elis Ribeiro, Alum
Ian Anderson, Alum
Megan Kyea, Alum
Hillary Wheelock, Alum
Marissa Ross, Alum
Vinay Rao, Alum
Marc Sturzl, Alum
Nabila Azeem, Alum
Andromeda Fair, Alum
Tasslyn Magnusson, Alum
Alyssa Daniels, Alum
Salena Torres, Alum
Aria Bredt, Alum
Emily Rasmussen, Alum
Ryan Cleary, Alum
Sydnie Dong, Alum
Kelly Buchanan, Alum
Dakota Benjamin, Alum
Stephanie Crawley, Alum
Derek Reinbold, Alum
Paul Cook, Alum
Kevin Reuning, Alum
Noah Chapman, Alum
James Graulty, Alum
Sakura Huey, Alum
Zachery Barnett, Alum
Lynn Mentch, Alum
Kayla Gatalica, Alum
Lyle Zyra, Alum
David Gasser, Alum
Russell Smith, Alum
Miriam Posner, Alum
Larry Monocello, Alum
Julian Potter, Alum
Katherine Callahan, Alum
Natalie Agresta, Alum
Michelle Udem, Alum
Gary Bhagat, Alum
Sara McCormick, Alum
Kathryn Witkowski, Alum
Renee Blackburn, Alum
Eileen Herman, Alum
Sasha Ali, Alum
Jane Spikowski, Alum
Nabila Azeem, Alum
Katelyn Haas, Alum
Hugh O'Reilly, Alum
Adrian Waldron, Alum
Mel Worek, Alum
Lakshman Tavag, Alum
Robin Crotty, Alum
William T. Schafer, Alum
Maria Tickerhoof, Alum
Michelle Sing, Alum
Jackie Parker, Alum
Abbott-Hearn, Alum
William Rinard, Alum
Jiye Wu, Alum
Jevon Montague, Alum
Dan Hill, Alum
Molly Berger, Alum
Ruth Thomson, Alum
Catherine Tate, Alum
Edward Venator, Alum
T Nicholas Domitrovic, Alum
Marta Baker
Valerie Rambin
Rebekah Camp
Annie Drechsler
Ryan Rose
Ananya Dasgupta
Noah Boksansky
Dina Benayad-Cherif
Samantha Quiñones
Monserrath Salas
Whitney Hom
Lars Torres
Colby Saxton
Isabel Tenreiro
Nicole Carosella
Abhilasha Boruah
Andrew Henderson
Alex Deutch
Connor Swingle
Lauren Lucente
Jasmine Philipoom
Rana Uhlman
Paul Newman
Bissan Abboud
Danny Franco
Fatimah Abouelsoud
Alaina Lisanti
Fiona Barbagallo
Justine Marie Bernacet
Shannon Chua
Sofia Mira
Bixing Qiao
Edwin Zhang
Rosalie Candau
Anastazia Vanisko
Daliah Greenwald
Eleanor Rambo
David Clingingsmith
Davis Allen
Suhib Jamal
Simona Mkrtschjan
Leo Thuman
Kinsey Roberts
Michael Anne McCann
MaryTherese Escueta
Lillian Trambley
Mary-Brent Brown
Claire Gray
Abigail Latimer
Wesley Maddox
Drew Borneman
Jovan Cardoso
Kelsey Bean
Evan Bramberg
Nusaiba Chowdhury
Sufia Bakshi
Sienna Warshawsky
George Hodulik
Alayna Klco
Cynthia Alvarez
Qian Liu
Sydney Davis
Meghna Vij
Princess Honnah
Harini Ushasri
Amogh Iyer
Kate Mieth
Sam Morrison
Monroe Chen
Tara Tadimalla
Marc Bouchet
Chandrika Sanapala
Anthony Cruise
Samantha Lettieri
Maggie Ming
Ian Steiner
Samantha Kelts
Andrea Norris
Adam Goss
Jon Hazlett
James Freeman
Evangelina Din
Nathan Gale
Noella Museminali
Keshara Senanayake
Elsa Vera
Thanvi Vatti
Jessica Asirwatham
Michelle Bloyd
Sahaana Sridhar
Alena Sorensen
Olivia Taliaferro
Zachary Palumbo
Deepika Narayanan
Caroline Bredthauer
Matthew Hartmann
Sruthi Venkatachalam
John Baden
Lauren Walters
Anais Sancetta
James Dolgin
Grace Elliott
Angel Bai
Mary Clare Flaherty
Kaitlyn Hennen
Jack Boatman
Samir Undavia
Nathaniel Jurcago
Shiori Heima
Khannah Wetmore
Rachel Wright
Danielle Burk
David Pendergast
Gillian Tierney
Jack Borsi
Quinn Winters
Hanna Kadlec
Liana Kabins
Nathaniel Celeste
Lisa Nielson
Gitanjali Kaw
Mario Murcia
Althea Perez
Keerti Vajrala
Angelo Guastella
Ashley Carroll
Crystal An
Katherine Best
Jon Sender
Gustavo Roversi
Amanda Sulicz
Jack Hourihane
David Lituchy
Zachary Olivos
Kristal Scott
Marilena Wolf
Elizabeth Schubert
Oliver Richman
Hiripan Ontiveros
Connor Toomey
Tom Schlechter
Pascal Wolf
Katherine Schaub
Catherine Chervenak
Giuliana Conte
Minhal Gardezi
Emma Lucas
Allison Tang
Asha Ravichandran
Tarun Jella
Kelsey Garrett
Chakira Smith
Lilith Freed
Alex Aloi
Liam McCormick
Michelle Berg
Gilbert Torres Ruiz
Carrie Foster
Kimberly Vaz
Sam Morrison
Eli Zuchelkowski
Sophie Claire Boysko
Madelyn Szilagyi-Jones
David Garyantes
Nova Qi
Suneil Kamath
Jun Kim
Wilmel Cosme
Steven Su
Philip Bernstein
Olivia Ortega
Jarryn Ha
Helen Sanderson
Mark Kaminski
Kieran Aulak
Graciela Marez
Naveen Rehman
Eugene Schnell
Alexander Hoover
Zachary Shearer
Laura Miller
Erin Bergen
Zachary Zimmerman
Naomi Gross
Aayush Parikh
Ray Horton
Adam Joselson
Reno Tarquinio
Cristián Gómez
Ian Lavelle
Cecilia Lapp Stoltzfus
Mylee Rolock
Sarah Robinson
Vanessa Van Doren
Caitlin Powell
Chloe Francis
Megan Murphy
Kyle Jennison
Claire Holliday
Sam Morrison
Grace Elliott
Anna Wertheim
Shannon Stork
Sarah Yu
Maryam Zeinomar
Ajeng Quamila
Caitlin Hanrahan
Bianca Pierson
Hiram Cortez
Brian McLaughlin
Yousof Mousa
Jesielle Hertzler
Sydney Anderson
Emma Bardwell
Deanna Pennewitt
Austin Feydt
Deborah Crane
Sam Morrison
Melissa Nakazawa
Alex Kushner
Eric Jadallah
Brendan Allen
Vincent Portelli
Brian Polk
Scott Muller
Jazmine Danner
Meghana Nadella
Nadia Barbo
Lee Zickel
Ria Mittal
Sophie Legan
Tom McCall
Nichola Bomani
Daniel Muskin-Pierret
Emeline Armitage
Lauren Adams
Claire Bobel
Anne Burke
Christine Yeh
Misty Luminais
Klaudia Sirk
Catherine Podojil
Tasha Jhangiani
LeeAnna Brugh
Michael Steere
Symone Alexander
Leah Neustadt
Kayele Silue
Corin Bowen
Gary Eckman
Andrea Gadzinski
Rachael Aust
Ilana Roth
Tyrone Hamler
Alegra Martin
Ammar Abidi
Ellen Sears
Gloria Tavera
Riddhi Patel
Daniel Mendez
Ibrahim El-Hussari
Katrina Hilton
Anicka Gajar
Maia Gadsden
Irene Prilutskiy
Krishna Mahadevan
R Byrne
Victoria Robinson
Susan McKay
Erika Hripko
Stephanie Tsim
Abigail Opher
Adam Doros
Hannah Johnson
Laura Wheeler
Taylor Morales
Janice McMannis
Peter Gordon
Hannah Zimmerman
Lauren Fitzpatrick
Therese Grisham
Yuxin Liu
Curtis Ubramovic-Kelsing
Brenda Cummings
Paola Giovine
Melissa Dollman
Tami Woronoff
Karl Roman Pidhájny
Mary Ann Schran
Julie Kaplan
Elijah Summers
Allison Friedman
Maria Letizia Gatti
Jack Quigley
Amy Heller
Kali Tal
Valerio Greco
Albert Granell
Saranne Durkacs
Louis Goldberg
Claudio schirru
Dennis Doros
Daniel Mottern
Grace Karabinus
Damaris Punales-Alpizar
Erich Luepke
Yurena Prieto Corujo
Lewis Nelken
Clara Lipszyc-Arroyo
Vanessa Liles
Brian Pappas
Garrett Whitlock
Spencier Ciaralli
Karthik Mohanarangan
Katherine Latoff
Yuting Cui
Jackson Kishbaugh-Maish
Erica Bindas
Carolyn Oatis
Rachel Arvizu
Susan Hertzberg
Hugh Mongus
Ezra Oliff-Lieberman
Dallas Gibson
Kerrick Woyshner
Maleeka Aljawad
Julia Falcone
Dylan Briggs
Edol Fitola
Alexander Gordon
Clarissa Paw U
Isabelle Tung
Claire Hallatt
Eliza Farley
Alex Clarke
Sarah Mortier
Renee Decker
Taylor Johnson
Diana Rosales
Emily Kilmartin
Rupika Kapur
Lori Sun
Tracy Pang
Sharon Kang
Andrea Lau
Samantha Vinik
Cesar Juarez
Sitha Nagaraj
Margaret Capozzi
Madeline Thomas
Anne Stewart
Elizabeth Perea
Emily Rybak
Shruti Raghunathan
Mila Koleva
Megha Mansey
Ima Hague
Mei Chan
Kayla Buckelew
Christopher Tam
Karina Husodo
Vincenzo Volpe
Hana Krijestorac
Lily Gasperetti
Elizabeth Taylor
Molly Moyer
Eric Wang
Ellen Faust
Loveth Adenuga
Alexis Rios
Catherine Kozuch
Virginia Loke
Sophia Cos
Noah Staton
D'metrius Grier
Veronica Cole
Christopher Jennewein
Brianna Stormer
Akshai Singh
Sasha Ghosh-Siminoff
Derval Whelan
Alex Potter-Weight
Catherine Dell
Rachel Harris Alinsky
Stephen Hill
Mustafa Ascha
Matthew Halm
Alison Finn
Emma Cotter
Joseph Duffy
Sheena Anand
Arthur Evenchik
Eric Arndt
Anne Trenholme
Colleen Kelly
Kristina Bodnar
Becky Kung
Amelia Wester
Jonathan Vesey
Esther Wysong
Noah Swartz
Aviva Aguilar
Carrie Reese
Aviva Aguilar
Carrie Reese
Matthew Yoder
Catherine Osborn
Amelia Iglesias
Heather Baily
Hannah Low
Jennifer Nielsen
Todd Fennimore
Leigh Emelko
Maureen Floriano
Brooke Willis
Gabriela Arima
Kelley Kampman
Barnabas Brennan
Sydney Stark
Laura Hengehold
Sonya Petrakovitz
Matthew Smith
Francis Villante
Diane Bernardoni
Maryn McGaw
Mercedes Deschene
Ross Widenor
Chairut Vareechon
Brandon Bryant
Jakob Rubin
Janet Holmes
Ellie Murcia
Susan Thatcher
Rebecca Thatcher
Mario Murcia
Mark Thatcher
Madeline Pollifrone
Monica Windholtz
Kira Oparah
Jeremy Novak
Sarah Miller-Fellows
Acadia Fairchild
Annastasia Wong
Eamon Sheehan
Brian Pang
Karina Bondelid
Mary Oakey
Samuel Shiau
Imshan Dhrolia
Celia Wan
Julie Oatfield
AmariYah Israel
Ruchi Kale
Jasleen Brar
Darcy Martinez
Eliot Rosch-Eifert
Sarah Mendez
Aishwarya Kumar
Zaid Al Bahrani
Rebekah Monnier
Joy Ho
Alexandra Vander Stouw
Guadalupe Ramirez
Nicholas Poe
Ben Lybarger
Gordon Ulmer
Tania Pérez Cano
Shelby Mack
Dalia Shafie
Inez Moore
Jack O'Brien
Keira Leaich
Alicia Chang
David Hammack
LornaBeth Shantz
Rye Carroll
Katelyn Laskowski
Karen Reynolds
Mindy Garland
Adam Spektor
Lowell Kissling
Sarah Phat
Peter James LeMaster
Mengyao Li
Rachel Baumler
Emily Nishiwaki
Lucy Biederman

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