2015 Baseball Championship Pass List
Please complete the required information for entry and to secure press box space for CIAC Baseball Championships at Palmer Field. An individual form must be completed by (or for) each media person who will be covering a game. If media covering a game are TBA, enter "TBA" in the "Name" field and then e-mail Joel Cookson at jcookson@casciac.org once assignments have been determined.
Name *
Organization *
E-mail *
Select the appropriate type of media entity *
Priority press box space will be given to those writing on deadline and with remaining space provided as available.
Please select which games you will be covering *
Those not covering multiple games may be asked to yield press box space for games they are not covering
Will you require press box space during or after games? *
Due to space constraints tv/radio crews will be limited to a maximum of 2 reserved seats in press box. Similarly newspapers sending more than one representative may be limited to one reserved spot depending on space).
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