St Martin De Porres School - Computer Lab

St. Martin de Porres School

Learning Games For Kids

        Typing Speed Test

        Typing Factory - Home Keys Practice


        Connect The Dots - 10 - Mouse

        Counting Fish

        Retro Typer

        Make A Face


        Keyboard Challenge

        Letter Blocks

Money Counting - Multi

Math Facts

Number Race

        Uppercase - Lowercase Match

        Rock Patterns

        Create A Car


Shape Construction - Geometry


Take a Trip

Fuzz Bug Patterns

Alphabet Bubble

Alphabet Order

Fuzz Bugs - Sorting, Comparing


                Typing Club

                Typing Lessons

                Typing Rocket Jr

        Keyboard Invasion

        Typing Race

                Alpha Munchies

                Keyboard Zoo - Easy

                Cup Stacking - Keyboard

        Sky Chase

        Jump Key

        Must Pop Words


Number Race

Comparing Number Values Race

Marble Math

Super Connect The Dots - Skip Counting

Number Bubble - Skip Counting

Number Bubble - Counting

Clear It! - Addition

Adventure Man Counting - Skip Counting

Fuzz Bugs Number Bonds - Addition Equations

Math Lines - Adding to 10 - LGFK


        Division - Drag Race


        Basketball - Math Facts

        Math Stack

        Math Quiz

        Problem Solving


                Treefrog Treasure

                Build The Bridge


                ReadWorks - Students

                RIF - Read Along Stories


        Matching Games

        Market ABC Tile Flip

Sight Words

        Kindergarten - Set 1


        Squawk Block

Kindergarten - Smartboard

        Number Bingo

        Alphabet Bingo

        Alphabet Match

        Number Match

        Shape Match

        Connect The Dots - ABC

        Number Order - Mouse

        Shapes and Color Bingo

        Alphabet Slider Puzzle

        Sight Word Bingo


        Letter Match

        Letters to Big Bird

        Elmo Rhymes

        Curious George - Mixing Paint

        Animal Matching - LearningGamesForKids

        Memory Flip - LearningGamesForKids

        Fruity Match -LearningGamesForKids

        Simon - LearningGamesForKids


        Christmas Tree Fun

        Take a Trip

        Fuzz Bugs - Patterns

Kidz Page

        Word Search


        Rolling Cubes


        Animal Quiz

        Jigsaw Safari

4th 5th 6th Grade


Google Drive

        Article - Giving Fossils A Face Lift

        ReadWorks - Students


        Spreadsheet Status - 4th Grade

        2016 Spreadsheet Status - 5th and 6th Grade

        TweenTribune - Food Wrapper

        TweenTribune - Article - Boy with double-hand transplant wants to play football

        TweenTribune - Article - Does A Spider Need A Web To Catch It’s Prey

Quite Basic

Spreadsheet Exercises

        Checkbook - Spreadsheet Exercise

Mortgage - Spreadsheet  Exercise

Edshelf - Google Forms

Tech 2013 - NBC News

TweenTribune - Google Car

Pics for Learning

Part of a Computer

        Google Drive - Templates


        Lifehacker - Javascript

        Scratch - MIT


        Mrs Hurley’s ESL

        Kidz Page

        Map Testing



        Charleston Diocese Email