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Why Does Carlsbad Unified Use Google Apps?
Carlsbad USD takes student privacy very seriously.

The benefits of each new technology tool that we discover must be weighed against the personally identifiable information (PII) the tool requires. We make every effort to release as little student PII to our partner organizations as possible, and do our best to track all the student PII requirements each of our service partners maintain.

When we evaluate the advantages of Google Apps against the student data we provide them, we believe the benefits outweigh the detriments.

From an educational perspective, the benefits of Google Apps are numerous. Some of the most popular features among our teachers and their students are:
*real time collaboration
*automatic saving and revision history
*integrated research bar
*calendar sharing

The only student PII that Google requires to create a student account include:
*First Name
*Last Name

Carlsbad uses a combination of each student's first name, last name, and a portion of their Student ID number to create an email account for each student. Also, in attempts to ease the management of student Google accounts, Carlsbad Unified sorts each student into organizations according to the student's grade and school. Therefore, these data items could be considered accessible to Google as well.

Finally, Google necessarily has access to the work that students create using their Google account and online tools, which could be considerable after a full career within Carlsbad Unified.

However, the list of student PII that Google does NOT have is reassuring and includes:
*Physical address
*Social security number
*Student ID number
*Phone number
*Personal email address
*Standardized test scores
*Family information
*Behavior records
*Health records

Additionally, the State of California recently passed two bills related to the use of student PII by online services: SB 1177 and AB 1584.

State Bill 1177 explicitly prohibits online services from targeting advertising to students, amassing profiles of students, or selling student information to third parties.

Assembly Bill 1584 explicitly prohibits educational institutions from entering into a contract with an online service provider that would violate any of the rules set by SB 1177.

Finally, Google's own site explicitly states: "Google Apps for Education services don't collect or use student data for advertising purposes or create ads profiles." and "Additionally, we don't collect or use any information stored in Apps for Education users' Google Drive or Docs (or Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms) for any advertising purposes."

You can learn more about AB 1584 and SB 1177 at this link:

You can review common questions about Google Apps at this link:

When we evaluate Google Apps for Education alongside the assurances set forth by SB 1177, AB 1584, and Google's own statements, we conclude that the benefits of adoption outweigh the detriments. We are heartened by the fact that over 25 other districts in San Diego County have reached the same conclusion, and we hope you too can understand why Carlsbad USD has decided to move forward in our adoption.

If you have additional questions about Google Apps, or would just like to discuss the district's plans for the services, you can email Joseph Hartman, Director of Assessment and Technology, at

If you still desire to remove Google Apps access for your student, please fill out the section below.
If you prefer to not fill out the online form and use a paper form instead, you can print the paper form at the link below and deliver to your school office.

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I would like all Google Apps services turned off for my Carlsbad USD student. I understand their Google Apps account will continue to exist only for the purposes of accessing school devices and non-google related websites and software the school uses for curricular purposes. My student will have no Carlsbad USD account access to Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, or any of the other Google Apps normally associated with a Google Apps Account. I recognize that this abstention applies to the current school year only and I will need to express my desire to opt out of Google Apps access for my student again the following school year if I so desire.
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