CCA 2016 Research Incentives Request Form: Article
By submitting this form you are certifying that your work’s major contribution is of relevance to the social sciences, as well as novel and original.

Please fill all the starred fields (incomplete forms will not be processed!). When you are done, send a pdf version (or deliver a paper copy) of the article to Paolo Ghirardato ( for the affiliation check.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure to *complete the form, and not to edit its fields*. To do the former, you have to complete where you see the lines with "Your Answer", and not on the form's headers.

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Please, refer to the 2016 "Journal and Publisher Qualification" rules
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Journal Info for Tier Assessment
To answer these questions, go to the Journal Citation Reports web site ( and type the journal's name in the "master search" box
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Exceptional Qualification Rule
If (and only if) you are using the "exceptional qualification rule" to include the journal in the A tier (refer to the 2016 "Journal and Publisher Qualification" rules for details), then complete the following question. You are therewith claiming that the journal is one of the top two journals in the subject category that satisfies criteria 1)-3) in the rules, even though it does not meet the standard AIS cutoff for the A tier
Exceptional qualification rule: Journal's JCR Subject Category
Indicate here the subject category which the journal belongs to (only the categories listed below may be employed)
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