Please answer each question fully and to the best of your ability. This data will remain COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL with Mr. Taylor and/or your child's chaperone.
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Traveler Middle Name
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This should match the name that was given to EF Tours online.
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Does your child / do you require any special accommodations on tour (wheelchair, interpreter, etc.)?
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Allergies *
Is the traveler allergic to any medication, food, etc.? What should be done in case of a reaction? (EpiPen, etc.) EF recognizes that some travelers may have severe allergies. We will do our best to ensure that tour suppliers are informed of the situation, but we cannot guarantee that all requests are accommodated.
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Medical conditions *
Does your child / do you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions (seizures, diabetes, mental health issues, eating disorders, etc.?) What are the warning signs that the Group Leader should be aware of, and what should be done in case of an emergency?
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Is the traveler covered by a Health Insurance Plan? *
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