Repower session submission form
Repower is a chance for us to assembly, share our skills, and plan our shared work. If you think you have something to offer, or you have an idea for what should happen, please let us know!

At this point we are just looking for ideas and suggestions - you don't need a fully-fleshed out workshop proposal. Feel free to leave gaps in this form and just give a broad indication of what you think a session might cover.

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What session would you like to see at the CANA Assembly?
Ideas might be: a panel exploring a particular topic; a particular speaker; a particular conversation, topic or idea you want discussed; a conversation about a particular case study or challenge; etc.
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Would you be interested in running this session?
This wouldn't necessarily be on your own - you could suggest co-facilitators, or we may see if you'd like to work with others.
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