WHAP Week 1 Survey
First Name *
What's your preferred first name?
Last Name *
What's your preferred last name?
Class Period *
Which period of the day do I see you for this class?
Student Email *
What is the best email for me to use to contact you this year with important announcements, etc.? If you don't ever check your CSD email, then please don't give that one here.
Something Unique *
What's something unique about you that you'd be willing to share with me to help me get to know you?
Something Helpful *
What's something that would be helpful for me to know about you as a learner and student?
Syllabus Homework *
Beside filling out this form, read the syllabus and brainstorm a question or two for me. What questions do you have? You can find the syllabus on AP World home page or you can access it here: https://goo.gl/PPLDe6
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