Regional Tourney Dinner Order Form
If possible, work with your team OR a small group of people to come up with an order. The less orders, the more quickly we can eat and get on our way home. Visit the menu​ ​for guidance. When you're ready to order, have one person per group make the order for the entire group

1 Large 2-Topping Pizza - $9.00 + Tax; 1 Large Specialty Pizza - $18 + Tax; 10 slices/pie; similar discounts are usually applied to smaller/larger pizzas.

If you're ordering multiple food items, please put each item on a separate line by hitting enter or return on the keyboard.

Name of person making the order? *
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Names of those in this group order. *
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What is your exact food order *
Include SIZE (all pizzas will be large unless otherwise specified), amount, and kind (toppings) ... USE a return to enter separate food items.
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We will have access to pitchers of ice water, but do you have any orders for pitchers of pop? *
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