Student Council-- Teacher Evaluation Form
Staff-- Please fill this form out as soon as possible. Your honest feedback is essential to our group's success. Please note that the scale is extremely tough-- a student that receives ALL 5's should be, literally, the best student you have EVER had.

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All questions, including feedback, are required. It ALL helps, or I wouldn't ask.

Thank you for your assistance in this application process: the insight you offer is invaluable.

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Rating Scale: 1: Average for this Class; 2. Top 25% of this Class; 3. Top 10% of this class; 4. One of my top ten students EVER; 5. One of my top 1-2 students EVER
1. Leadership
2. Cooperation
3. Positive influence on others
4. Initiative
5. Dependability
6. Workmanship
7. Works Well With Others
8. Communication Skills
9. Trustworthiness
10. Problem Solving Skills
11. School Spirit/Caledonia Pride
12. Charisma
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