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After the three­-day EDGE seminar is over, students often ask, “What’s next?” EDGE’s Day Four program helps the students continue to develop their leadership skills and transform their individual communities through the spirit of EDGE. By creating goals and utilizing experienced mentors to help guide them and give them direction, the students are able to grow as individual leaders within their communities. Day Four focuses on community, academic, and personal ​ growth for the students, so that they may explore their passions, ​ develop—and expand—their capabilities as leaders, grow within themselves, and ​ empower others to do the same, after the EDGE seminar and beyond.

The mentor/mentee relationship should allow for the mentees to build trust and maintain a professional and friendly relationship to help the mentees move forward with the service goals they set at EDGE. Their established goals should be worked at, maintained, and achieved through the mentors’ help. It is important that the mentee feel comfortable going to their mentor with any situation for which they might need additional support. The relationship and communication between the mentees and mentors should be open, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Mentors should help the mentees firmly establish their goals and pursue them.

To do this:

1. The mentors must maintain a steady and professional relationship with their mentees by ensuring (at a minimum) two calls per month ​with ​the mentee. Additionally, the mentor should be available for any other communication/contact the mentee may require.

2. The mentors must provide resources for success and concrete support for their mentees’ needs to achieve their goals. While the students’ goals should be focused on community service, the mentors should be comfortable and confident in
providing academic, career and emotional support. As such, the mentors should also be familiar with high school, college (including universities and trade schools), career and service opportunities. The mentors should be strong leaders and cope positively with stress as well.

3. The mentors should keep track of their mentees’ plans and goals.

4. The mentor should check­in to make sure that the mentee is making progress towards their goal. If progress is not being made, the mentors offer assistance to aid in troubleshooting or brainstorming other ideas/resources for reaching their goal, including reaching out to members of Day Four and EDGE family, as well as possible outside resources in order to resolve any issues.

5. The mentor should remain a good source of EDGE spirit and a friendly, professional, support system for the mentees to develop their skills in becoming strong leaders within their communities.

What are the qualifications for being a mentor?

1. Age/Maturity: ​Should be at least a current junior in high school and possess the maturity needed to have a professional relationship with the mentee.

2. Time:​ Have good time management and be available for bi­weekly conversations/updates with the mentee.

3. Communication:​ Should have high competence in effective communication, especially in tough situations.

4. Responsibility: ​Must be comfortable handling conflict and stress in a positive manner. The mentor must be organized, efficient, and tactful in their relationships with the students.

The mentors must be prepared to handle unexpected situations of any nature in a mature and professional way. They must be ethical, wise, and responsible in addressing unexpected situations. They must go through the proper EDGE channels to remedy any unexpected conflict, and use proper judgment should such conflict arise.


If a question is not applicable to you, please write "N/A." DO NOT leave any questions blank.

This application process will be 2 steps. After you complete this application, you will be sent another form to complete. After completion of both forms, we will notify you about our decision.

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