2018-2019 Title I Parent Survey
We use Title I funds to try to more fully involve parents in their child’s education. As we end this year’s program, we need your input to help us make plans for next year. Thank you for completing this survey!
In what grade is your student(s)?
How much time do you spend helping your child with school work at home each night?
Did you attend our first Title I/ESSA meeting or PTO/Title I meeting? (Our first meeting was the PTO meeting/Meet the Teacher Night on September 26.)
Parent workshops were held at our school this year. Did you attend a workshop?
Information and activities were presented during the workshops. Did you find this information to be useful as you worked with your child at home?
Were the workshops held at a convenient time and place?
If you did not attend the workshop, were there specific reasons why you did not attend?
We have had several parents express an interest in workshops which would focus on parenting skills. If these workshops were held during the school year, would you attend?
Were you invited to help develop the School Improvement Plan or one of its parts such as the Parent and Family Engagement Plan or Safety Plan? (These were announced on the school website, at PTO meetings, our Blackboard phone, email, and text messages, as well as our school newsletters and social media.)
For parents of current 4th and 5th graders, were you given clear information about your child’s performance on last year’s end-of-grade tests?
For parents of current 1st-3rd grade students, were you given clear information about your child's academic progress at the end of last year?
How does your family access the internet in your home?
Please check all that apply.
What suggestions would you make that could help us encourage parents to become more involved at Baton Elementary School?
Your answer
Do you feel that you have a good understanding of the Title I/ESSA Program?
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