2017 GFES Kaleidoscope/Talent Show Information and Audition FORM

Dear Parents and Students,

This year we will be doing talent show and Kaleidoscope auditions differently than we have before. Kaleidoscope is our county-wide talent show which is held every year at the Civic Center. Our school is allowed to send up to 6 acts to audition. These acts can be individual or group acts that include dance, drama, singing, playing instruments, recitations, gymnastics, and more, and may include students from other schools. We know we have many talented students at GFES and we would love to see all of them participate in these opportunities. Students may choose to audition to be a GFES Representative at Kaleidoscope auditions, or for the 2017 GFES Talent Show, or both.

To ensure a spot on the audition schedule, please read the guidelines for auditions and submit the completed form to Mrs. Evans by the appropriate date.

If parents have an email address, please include it on the form so that information can be given out more quickly and efficiently. Email will be the primary method of communication about these events, so please list an email you check regularly.

Depending on the number of students who audition, it is possible that not every act will make the show. Students will be scored on the following criteria: audience appeal, preparation, stage appearance, and originality. The students who score the highest on their auditions may be chosen to represent GFES at Kaleidoscope auditions, and will be accepted into the GFES Talent Show.

If you have any questions, please email me at aevans@caldwellschools.com . Thank you!


Mrs. Evans,
Music Teacher