Draper Competition for Creative Innovators & HIVE Summer Program Application
Individual artists and artist teams (not to exceed 3 people) consisting of CalArts students and alumni 0-5 years out are eligible to apply to pitch their business, product, or enterprise idea in the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators. The top three pitches will win a $3,500 stipend to further develop their idea in the 5-week HIVE Summer Program at CalArts from May 23-June 22. Winners will also receive a $1,500 stipend to help cover living expenses and will be required to participate in the HIVE Summer Program where they will have access to physical space, resources, workshops, programs, and mentors.

Participation in the Draper Competition and HIVE Sumer Program is based on the review of this application and acceptance by an advisory committee. Winners must provide for their own living arrangements and expenses during the Summer Program. If you are interested in applying for CalArts summer housing, please let the program administrator know upon acceptance into the program.

This is not an artist residency program. The Draper Competition and the HIVE Summer Program is a platform to allow you to take an idea that may be rooted in art - which has a reach that exceeds traditional venues forms of funding and exhibition - and bring it to the level of imagining as an enterprise.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 20, 2017

To be eligible you must:
• Be in good academic standing
• Complete and submit the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators application (this form)
• Provide a compelling and detailed description of an idea you’d like to develop through the HIVE Summer Program
• Have attended previous HIVE programs and events throughout the 2016/2017 academic year

Applicant Details
Please provide details of the individual artist or artist team who wishes to apply to the Draper Competition and HIVE Incubator below.
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If you will be participating as an artist team (not to exceed 3 people), please list names and contact information for your team members (name, school, program, year level/class level, email, phone number).
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Which HIVE programs have you participated in throughout the academic year? *
What other entrepreneurship or business training programs have you participated in? (Please indicate N/A if not applicable)
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What is your business, product, or enterprise idea? (Please provide us 3-5 sentences explaining the idea you're proposing to pitch) *
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Who is the intended customer base or audience for your product/business? *
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What is your budget? (Please explain how you would spend $3,500 on your enterprise - how would you put that to use?) *
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Please anticipate what type of equipment or materials you need to develop your business idea. What facilities might you want to request access to? (Please indicate N/A if not applicable) *
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Please provide a statement on why the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators and HIVE Incubator would enhance your current academic and/or professional pursuits. *
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Statement of Expectation
Draper Competition for Creative Innovators: April 8
• You will be expected to attend "How to Pitch to Investors 1 & 2" on April 4 and April 5 to prepare your presentation.
• You will be responsible for creating a 5-minute cohesive, compelling, and innovative pitch for your enterprise idea.
• You will be required to present your business idea at the Draper Competition for Creative Innovators on April 8.

HIVE Incubator: May 22-June 22
• If your pitch wins, you will be required to participate in the 5-week HIVE Summer Program to develop your idea.
• You will be responsible for managing yourself and your time.
• All ideas shared in the Summer Program are open and participants need to keep in mind that sharing confidential information or trade secrets is not advisable. You will, however, maintain control of your own intellectual property and you should be open to sharing ideas, accepting feedback, and being generous to your peers who will be sharing the space with you.
• You will be required to participate in supplemental programs (3-5 offered throughout the course of the Summer Program), regularly present your progress, meet with your assigned entrepreneur mentor consistently, and deliver a final presentation of your progress at the end of the program.

I agree to the terms of the Statement of Expectation (above). *
Applicants will be notified of acceptance into the Draper Competition and HIVE Summer Program on Friday, March 24.
If you have any questions, please contact the program administrator Rita Soultanian at rsoultanian@calarts.edu.
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