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ReferenceTypeCategoryDescriptionCreatorDate of CreationLanguageLocation
P/157PosterArchitectureOemne Edizioni Poster for the Culture of Armenia showing Aghtamar/The Church of the Holy Cross, built 915-921photo by Roberto Sellitto, printed by GEA/Milan1989Armenian, Italian101
P/102PosterCultural EventKarabagh poster (large) 1998 - Art poster with photo of smiling teenager against abstract background. 'KARABAGH' at the top. 'Untired earthfire, embered genes, carry a holy health to our numbed conscience there, where the forgotten mountainface encourages a remembered faith'. Art quality paper, in excellent condition.Unknown1998English100
P/106PosterCultural EventPromotional poster for concert by Chilingirian String Quartet at St John's Smith Square,dedicated to 130th anniversary of birth of Komitas. Concert presented by Committee for Celebration of 1700th anniversary of Christianity in Armenia. Sohostakovich, Britten & Komitas. Abstract image of conductor by Edman. Colour, good condition. 2 copiesUnknown1999English101
P/115PosterCultural Event School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, to mark the re-introduction of Armenian Studies, "Armenology in the Context of Near Eastern Studies in the 20th Century", a lecture to be given by given by Igor Dorfmann-Lazarev. opening address Professor Michael Hutt, chair Stefan Sperl Illustration from ancient gospel manuscript. Colour, good condition.SOAS5/19/2009English101
P/117PosterCultural EventAshile Gorky' Whitechapel Art Gallery exhibition poster. 'Portrait of the Artist and His Mother' reproduction,19 January - 25 March 1990. good condition, colour. Whitechapel Art Gallery1990English101
P/122PosterCultural EventCodex Etchmiadzin fine art facsimile edition posterClassic Publishers, Graz AustriaUnknownEnglish101
P/123PosterCultural EventBritish Library poster. Treasures From The Ark. 1700 years of Armenian Christian art. Free exhibition, the British library. 2 March-28 May 2001. Supported by Vatche and Tamar Manoukian and the Manoukian Charitable FoundationBritish Library2001English101
P/130PosterCultural Event"The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicie" (La Royaume Armenien de Cilicie) Exhibition poster: Capelle de la Sorbonne, 29 Octobre au 30 Novembre 1993. Several sponsorsLa Sorbonne1993French / Armenian101
P/138PosterCultural Event"Culture and art of the Armenians: Rediscovery of an ancient cultural landscape" (Kultur and Kunst der Armenier, wiederentdeckung einer alten kulturlandschaft), Museum Bochum from 14.January until 17 April 1995

Museum Bochum1995German101
P/140PosterCultural EventCulture of Armenia poster in German - intricate cross stone - Kultur and Kunst der Armenier, wiederentdeckung einer alten kulturlandschaft, Museum Bochum vom 14.Januar bis17 April 1995, Kulturministerium der Republik Armenien, Design: Harutjun Samueljan. Foto: Saven Sargsjan. Jerewan, Druckerei des Parberakan-Verlags. Chatschkar Maste Pgos Goschawank 1291Unknown1995German101
P/141PosterCultural EventCulture of Armenia poster in German - ancient figurine - "Kultur and Kunst der Armenier, wiederentdeckung einer alten
kulturlandschaft, Museum Bochum vom 14.Januar bis17 April 1995,
Kulturministerium der Republik Armenien, Design: Harutjun Samueljan.
Foto:Wahan Kotschar. Jerewan, Druckerei des Parberakan-Verlags.
Ritualkelle, Henkel in Form einer mannlichen Figur. Lori Berd, 13./12.Jh.v. Chr., Bronze"
P/144PosterCultural EventBeast on the Moon; holds a picture of a family Unknown1996English101
P/154PosterCultural EventPoster for Photographic exhibition by Paul Mellor at Hoopers Gallery London, showing two pictures of the outcome of the Nagorno Karghagh war/earthquake, one of the buildings and the other of an orphan child Hoopers Gallery2004English101
P/161PosterCultural EventCulture and art of the Armenians - rediscovery of an ancient cultural landscape (Kultur und Kunst der Armenier - wiederentdeckung einer alten kulturlandschaft) Museum Bochum from 14 January to 17 April 1995 Photo: Saven Sargsyan1995French101
P/162PosterCultural Event London Armenian Opera Presents Armen Tigranian's Anoush. First UK Production,7.30pm on 27/10/2012 and 6.30pm on 28/10/2012. at The Tabernacle 35 Powis Square London W11 2AY 2 copiesUnknown2012English101
P/163PosterCultural EventConcert poster - Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan - Barbican Hall, Featuring the Hamavayan Ensemble and the Djivan Gasparyan. Fri 28 SepUnknown2012Persian, English101
P/164PosterCultural EventSalon Mashup - Displacement & Regeneration. Armenian perspectives of loss and resettlement. Basement tunnels of Shoreditch Town Hall. 31 January- 3 February 2013. organised by Armenian Institute. Saint Sarkis charity trust. supported using public funding by Arts council England. 2 copiesUnknown2013English101
P/166PosterCultural EventGarineh -Three act Comic Opera by the Armenian composer T. Chouhajian. London Armenian Opera production, 7.30pm on 29/03/2014 and 6.30pm on 30/03/2014 at The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, London W11 2AY.nadiaelart.com2014English101
P/167 PosterCultural EventThe Khachaturian Trio - Concert to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Aram Khachaturian 28 May 2014 at St. Yeghiche ChurchArmenian General Benevolent Union London Branch2014English101
P/182Poster Cultural EventArmenian Type Now, Poster for an exhibition of Armenian lettering in Lincoln Cathedral's Wren Library and Cloisters: Monday 7 to Saturday 12 July 2008University of Lincoln2008English101
P/184Poster Cultural EventActon Carnival 2003. Image courtesy of CAIA: design by Nu Dimension Acton Community Forum2003English101
P/3PosterCultural EventKrunk Art Gallery, Yerevan - general poster for painting, graphic art, sculpture, applied art, Armenian folk musical instruments offersKrunk Art GalleryUnknownArmenian, English101
P/40PosterCultural EventArt Gallery poster (from Yerevan) UnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/49PosterCultural EventAn Opera Gala evening at Magnificent St Yeghiche Church: Sunday 27 Octobdr 2013 at 7pm presented by the Armenian Church Trust. Artists and Composers listedArmenian Church Trust2013English101
P/50PosterCultural EventRoma Armenia Exhibition (Vatican Museum) 25 March - 16 July 1999. Rome - Armenia exhibition publicity poster, Vatican Museum, Sistino Hall. Colour photography, portrait, good condition.Vatche and Tamar foundation.Rome1999Italian101
P/51PosterCultural EventThe Armenian Kingdom of Cilicie (Le Royaume Armenien de Cilicie) Exhibition - Publicity poster featuring 'Le Roi Leon II et la Reine Kerane avec leurs enfants'. (King Leon II and Queen Kerane with their children) L'Evangile de Kerane, Sis,1272 (Jerusalem,N2563) Erevan and Paris. Colour, good condition.Printed by Yerevan Barberakan1993 (printed) Armenian and French 101
P/52PosterCultural EventPosgter: Concert of Music by Arpine Kalinina dedicated to Yegishe Charents - vocal and instrumental compositions based on Yeghishe Charents poetry 7.30pm on 22 March 2014 at St Yeghiche Armenian ChurchAHCC2014English101
P/55PosterCultural EventShowing various events that are about to happen from a dance festival to an exhibition of Armenian letteringUnknownUnknownEnglish & Armenian101
P/60PosterCultural EventArmenian National Ballet - General publicity poster with colour photographs of dancers. Artistic director: Souren Tchantchourian. Space beneath blank for performance details. Portrait, good condition.UnknownUnknownFrench101
P/61PosterCultural EventMy Brother's Road by Markar Melkonian - Laminated book publicity poster (possibly for a reading). Story of Monte Melkonian, US born freedom fighter. Published July 2007Unknownapprox July 2007English101
P/69PosterCultural EventSystem of a Down "Toxicity" signed poster - Publicity poster for new CD Toxicity and UK tour. Photography, portrait, good condition, signed by three of the four band members. Unknown2001English101
P/82PosterCultural EventKarabagh - Photo of Karabagh (?) girl in front of soldier, average condition.  Unknown5/28/1993Greek, Armenian101
P/85PosterCultural Event Promotional poster for British Library exhibition 11 December 1987 - 6th March 1988. of Armenian Illuminated Gospel books. Large reprint of an illumination. Colour, good condition.British Library1988English101
P/86PosterCultural EventPromotional poster for 'Ashile Gorky - A Retrospective' exhibition at Tate Modern. 10February to 3 May 2010 Full size print of Gorky's The Artist and His Mother. Colour, good condition. 2 copiesPhoto Sheridan C. Collins2010English101
P/94PosterCultural EventConcert Wigmore Hall, London: 'A Celebration of Armenian Music' in aid of The Centre of Perinatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Yerevan. Artists: Chilingirian String Quartet, Marine Bkhiyan, Anya Alexeyev, Virginia Kerovpyan, Olga Sitkovetsky, Sarkis Zakarian, Tatiana Sarkissova, Alexander Chausian, with small artist photographs. Good condition.Unknown1996English101
P/97PosterCultural EventWorld Events Comparative Timeline (2 posters in a pair)Compiled and designed by Margaret C Tellalion Kyrkostas, drawn by Robert Megerdichian and Associates, Cambridge, Mass1998English101
A/21PosterCulture & TraditionsA poster of the Exhibition of Sergey ParajanovUnknownUnknown
EnglishStaircase wall
A/31PosterCulture & TraditionsIllustration of Armenian AlphabetSeeron YeretzianUnknownEnglishStaircase wall
A/37PosterCulture & TraditionsPoem of William SaroyanUnknownUnknownEnglishStaircase Wall
A/39PosterCulture & TraditionsArmenian troubadour Sayat Nova UnknownUnknownEnglishStaircase wall
P/110PosterCulture & TraditionsPhoto of ancient manuscript illumination depicting dove of peace with peacocks - illumination / lettering. Good condition. Suitable for display with items 107 and 108. Colour, photographic paper.UnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/134PosterCulture & TraditionsSt Thaddeus Monastery at night - cultural promotion poster - Monastere de Saint Thadee. organisation Terre et cultureUnknownArmenian, French101
P/135PosterCulture & TraditionsHistorical Museum of Armenia - Tourist poster "Visit historical museum of Armenia, Yerevan Lenin Square"Historical Museum of ArmeniaUnknownArmenian, Russia, English101
P/137PosterCulture & TraditionsTourist poster of beautiful isolated Monastery with building work in evidenceOrganisation Terre et CultureUnknownFrench, Armenian, English101
P/139PosterCulture & TraditionsCulture and art of the Armenians, rediscovering an ancient cultural landscape (Kultur and Kunst der Armenier, wiederentdeckung einer alten kulturlandschaft), Museum Bochum from 14 January until 17 April 1995.Design: Harutjun Samueljan. Foto:Wahan Kotschar1995German101
P/146PosterCulture & TraditionsArmenian ancient coins - two sides of an ancient coin in yellow print (55-34,+31)UnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/179PosterCulture & TraditionsOemme Edizioni, Materiali per una cultura Armena - Poster, information: Publications 1968-1988 Ermenian Union of Architects. (Unione degli architetti dell' Armenia). Historical and cultural heritage body of Soviet Armenia (Ente dei beni storici e culturali dell'Armenia Sovietica)Printed in Italy by GEA/Milano1989Italian & Armenian101
P/41PosterCulture & TraditionsAmorous couple with flowers and musical instrumentUnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/46PosterCulture & TraditionsArmenian State Dance Company -  the first UK tour. London Sadlers Wells poster. "Helping to reconstruct Armenia".
dates: 7 - 10 December 1989 with Royal Gala Anniversary Performance on 8 December.
P/66PosterCulture & TraditionsKings of Armenia - Illustrated poster of Armenian kings. Landscape, colour, good condition. Printed Abril Bookstore, Glendale, California. Unknown1998English, Armenian101
P/76PosterCulture & TraditionsLaminated colour illustration of Armenian female dancer with musician.Excellent condition. Armenian language. Unknown2003Armenian101
P/9PosterCulture & TraditionsOf nation (Azgabanya) Armenian Church of America illustrated poster depicting major elements of Armenian nation, culture and history. Armenian language. Coloured. portrait, good condition.Armenian Language Lab New YorkUnknownArmenian101
P/92PosterCulture & TraditionsSave the Armenian Monuments - Poster promoting the saving of Armenian monuments affected by the Armenian earthquake in 1988. Details of numbers destroyed. Colour, small photo images of monuments and illustrated monument map, average condition.UnknownUnknown, after 1988English101
P/99PosterCulture & Traditions Print showing an original carving on leather by Varant Chirinian, the Armenian flag with Armenian / Karabagh symbols, colour, good condition.  2 copiesVarant Chirinian1993English101
P/187PrintCulture & TraditionsPrints from a book called "Armenia" by Sarkis KatchadourianSarkis KatchadourianUnknownEnglish101
P/153PosterEarthquakeArmenian Earthquake posterUnknownUnknown Russian101
P/67PosterEarthquakeArmenian pain and grief (Yegherni) - Photographic montage of post-earthquake relief supplies and international telegrams. Colour, portrait, good condition.Unknown1988Russian101
P/113 PosterGenocideSwedish Film poster for BACK TO ARARAT ('Tillbaka till Ararat') released 1988. Colour photograph of Mount Ararat with black/white photograph of a 1915 genocide hunger march. Colour photography on board, good condition. We made the trip that no Armenians can make (vi gjorde resan som ingen armenier kan gora). A forgotten genocide. A dream of return. Armenia. (ETT Glomt Folkmord. en Drom om Aterkomst. Armenierna.)Distribution Folkets Bio1988Swedish101
P/118PosterGenocideLarge photocopy of The Times, October 8 1915 page 7 with 'The Armenian Massacres' article. Black and white, average/poor condition.Suitable for display with posters 119 and 120 below.Unknown8th October 1915English101
P/119PosterGenocideLarge photocopy of The Daily Telegraph, 29 May 1922 with 'Turkish Atrocities in Asia Minor: Secret Orders Exposed' article. Black and white, average/poor condition. Suitable for display with posters 118 and 120.Unknown29th May 1922English101
P/120PosterGenocideLarge photocopy of The Times, September 30th 1915, page 5, with 'Wholesale Murder in Armenia' article. Black and white, average/poor condition. Suitable for display with posters 118 and 120.Unknown30th September 1915English101
P/136PosterGenocidePictures of Our Century ("Images de Notre Siecle") Armenian Genocide 1915-16 French Photographic Exhibition, Galerie Edgar Faure, du 3octobre au 1er novembre 1995. 2 copiesRobert Arts Graphiques1995French101
P/173PosterGenocidePoster in French. Translation: For over a year a systematic policy of attacks against civilian targetshas been conducted by Armenian organizations. Deliberately placed bombs have exploded in train stations during the rush hourand in restaurants, cafes, stores, garbage .... ARMENIANS! Those who kill innocent civilians with such coldness and premeditation are no better than their enemies. Organizations that despise in such a way the lives of others have no right to claim for themselves respect or to speakon behalf of a people who are victims of a genocide,Organisation for the reunification and independence of ArmeniaUnknownFrench101
P/177PosterGenocide"Let people know and condemn the Armenian Genocide" (Faites connaitre et condamner le genocide du peuple armenien) 1976 the crime goes unpunished. Armenians worldwide demand conviction by the civilized world and international bodies. Two days of events remembering the Genocide held in Paris.Unknown1976French101
P/178PosterGenocide"Reconnaitre et condamner le genocide Armenian" - Recognise and condemn the Armenian genocide. Poster listing events in Paris for 22 and 24 April, 1979.P/91979French101
P/5PosterGenocideApril 24 poster - Sepia/red pixellated poster of historical genocide photograph - men standing behind bodies. Good condition, landscape.UnknownUnknownN/A101
P/54PosterGenocideGenocide poster. Pixellated sepia/red photographs of victims (including children) in negative with 24 April, portrait, average condition. Misak OhanianUnknownArmenian/English101
P/81PosterGenocideYeghishe Charents / Yerevan Genocide Memorial - Photograph of inside memorial, with flowers. Verse beneath, colour, portrait.
Quote in English: "Armenian people, your only salvation is in your collective power"
Photograph: Poghos Poghossian, Samvel Agramanian.UnknownArmenian/English101
P/89PosterGenocideBeast on the Moon theatre poster - Theatre poster promoting Kalinoski's Beast On The Moon at BAC, Lavender Hill, Battersea. Photographic image of Armenian family, approx early 20th century. Colour, good condition.BAC1996English101
A/33Poster GeographyThe print represents Mother Armenia with a child. Poster from an old print. FramedA. FetvadujianUnknown
P/105PosterGeographyFortress of Lambron, Cilicia. RAA photograph. Colour, Good condition.Armenian Cultural - Ararat - Organisation TehranUnknownArmenian / English101
P/143PosterGeographyArmenian travel poster - church & landscape. Euro-stan Travel AgencyEuro-stan Travel AgencyUnknownEnglish101
P/145PosterGeographyMap of Armenia - tourist / historical sites. Black & white UnknownUnknownEnglish101
P/59PosterGeographyPhotograph of shepherd with sheep with monastery and Ararat in the distance. ARKA Mondia. Colour photograph with verse quoted beneath in Armenian. Landscape, good condition.UnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/80PosterGeographyArarat according to Paruyr Sevak - Photography poster of tree with spring blossom, Ararat in background. Verse in Armenian beneath. ARKA Mondia poster. Colour, landscape, good condition.UnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/186PrintGeographyPrints from a book called In Greece with Pen and PaletteZabelle C. BoyajianEst. 1930English101
P/116PosterLanguageHighly detailed double-sided poster showing the evolution of Armenian alphabet from Paleolithic times to present day, plus comparison chart of world alphabets. Black and white, good condition. Published in USA.copyright Melkon Armen Khandjian4/24/1976English101
P/121PosterLanguageArmenian alphabet - children's educational poster publication of the eGullabi Gulbenkian foundation, diocese of the Armenian church. Armenian language lab and resource centreUnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/124PosterLanguageArmenian alphabet capital letters and small letters with scientific transcriptionUnknownUnknownArmenian/English101
P/133PosterLanguageModern Armenian alphabet poster - the modern Armenian alphabet created by Mesrop Mashtots in A.D. 402.
HARC poster-2-UASE Series London 1984
K. I. Pilikian1984Armenian/English101
P/183Poster LanguageIllustrated Armenian alphabet for childrenUnknownUnknownArmenian101
P/131PosterOtherArmenia travel poster (mountain scene) Euro-stan Travel AgencyEuro-stan Travel AgencyUnknownEnglish101
P/185Poster OtherPictures of churches, sculptures, Catholicos, Opera house, Town of Goris, Goshavank, Gumri, Baking bread, Genocide memorialR. GalichianUnknownArmenian/English101
P/73PosterOtherOriginal painting by S.Babayan of Armenian churchS. Babayan1993None101
A/18PosterPoliticalA caricature of Russian dissident Sakarov. Caricature in black and white with frameGlenn Ferguson UnknownEnglishBeside the TV stand
A/22PosterPoliticalA poster with the symbol of Armenian Republic. Poster with frame donated on the opening day of the CentreUnknown10/2/1994English101
A/32PosterPoliticalThe poster reproduces a painting on silk titled "Abecedaire pour memoir" by Krikor Tcherkezian 1983. Poster with frame. Paris. On Armenian-French solidarityUnknownUnknownEnglish101
P/107PosterPoliticalFree Hrair Kilndjian / Liberez Kilndjian French political poster highlighting the genocide, Turkey's culpability and the imprisonment of Hrair Kilndjian. Black / white / red. poor condition, fragile. la famine organisee est aussi une Arme de genocide.IMP. GRAVITE - 13001 MARSEILLE1980French101
P/111PosterPoliticalSolidarite Nationale Avec Mardiros'. ASALA combatant Mardiros Jamgotchian received 15 years imprisonment for the execution of a Turkish diplomat in Switzerland. Solidarity meeting 14 January olutside Swiss Embassy in Paris - poster. Photo of Madiros, some damage, black and white. UnknownUnknownFrench101
P/112PosterPoliticalMardiros 15 ans de prison French political poster - ASALA poster. Black & white photo of Mardiros (see p/111 above) with 'Mardiros 15 Ans de Prison'. Black and white, good condition.UnknownUnknownFrench101
P/114PosterPolitical24 April 1915. Original artwork for commemorative genocide march poster - in good condition. Artwork format. Black, white, red. designed by JP.Melkon JP Melkon, copyright U.A.S.E.L1980English101
P/147PosterPoliticalFree Armenian patriots. Committee of Liberation of Armenian Political Prisoners. French meeting poster - Liberez les Patriotes Armeniens, comite de liberation des prisonniers politiques Armeniens, Lundi 26 Fevrier, at 2030 hrs. Meeting a la maison des mines 9 Rue Pierre Nicole, Paris 5 Edit 71UnknownFrench, Armenian101
P/148PosterPoliticalASALA poster - Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of ArmeniaUnknownUnknownArmenian,Arabic, English101
P/149PosterPoliticalASALA Revolution Day April 24 poster - Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of ArmeniaArmenian Secret Army for the Liberation of ArmeniaUnknownArmenian,Arabic, English101
P/150PosterPoliticalASALA poster - Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, Committee for the Defence of Armenian Political prisonersUnknownUnknownArabic, Armenian101
P/151PosterPoliticalASALA - Free Armenia - bless the revolutionary fightersUnknownUnknownArmenian, Arabic, English101
P/152PosterPoliticalASALA - National Hero General AntranikUnknownUnknownArmenian, Russian, English101
P/155PosterPoliticalHagop Darakdjian poster - Union de Bienfaisance Hagop DarakdjianUnknownUnknownArabic, Armenian, French101
P/158PosterPoliticalASALA- April 24, Towards Revolutionary Armed Struggle - Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of ArmeniaUnknownUnknownArmenian, English, Arabic101
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