Cabrillo College Honors Transfer Program Application

Cabrillo College welcomes all students to apply to the Honors Transfer Program. We provide an enriched educational experience through challenging course work, stimulating seminars and sophisticated literature. Our goal is to encourage our students to seek challenges and pursue excellence. Because of the rigorous nature of the courses, students are required to meet the qualifications listed below. After submitting this application, applicants will normally receive a response within two weeks via e-mail. IMPORTANT NOTE: New students must submit a separate Cabrillo College application online via CCC Apply in order to enroll in any Cabrillo course, including Honors classes. This includes h.s. students who may have been concurrently enrolled in Cabrillo courses while still in high school.
* Required

Filing Period

Fall, 2015 Admit - The Deadline to apply as a graduating high school senior has passed (March 16, 2015). We received an unprecedented number of applications by the deadline date. We recommend you apply to enroll at Cabrillo as a regular student for Fall, 2015, and submit an application to the Honors Program in late October or early November of 2015, for the Spring, 2016 semester. Watch the website for application updates and timeframes. Fall, 2015 application period- for current Cabrillo students (NOT concurrently-enrolled high school students) - deadline of May 1st has passed. You may apply for the Spring, 2016 semester from October 1st - November 13th, 2015.

Please indicate whether you are applying as a graduating High School senior, or as a current college student by checking the correct box below:

Cabrillo College student or student transferring from another college or university.

Please submit the following documents. 1. Letter of recommendation Note: for current Cabrillo students, an e-mail from a Cabrillo instructor to the Honors Director will suffice. 2. Official transcripts from all colleges attended other than Cabrillo 3. Official/original AP or IB scores - if applicable 4. Essay (see details below)

High School Senior

You must mail or bring to Cabrillo the following documents to fully determine your acceptance into the program - see the website for mailing address of the Honors Transfer Program: 1. Official High school transcript – submit following completion of Fall semester grades. 2. Official/original AP exam scores if applicable and/or copy of your EAP test results taken junior year - EAP (Early Assessment Program) if applicable "Ready for CSU or participating CCC college-level English courses". If your results say "Conditional", the score is not acceptable, and you must take Cabrillo's English Assessment or provide AP scores in English of a "3" or higher. Note: if you cannot demonstrate eligibility for ENGL 1A, Freshman Composition via EAP or AP or college transcript, you must take Cabrillo English Assessment. Contact the Assessment Office or speak with your h.s. counselor. 3. 1 letter of recommendation (see details below) You can include your essay with this application in the space provided (see below). 4. Essay (see details below)


Academic Preparation A. For continuing Cabrillo College students, a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA. Students must have completed 6 or more transferable units in courses numbered 1-99. B. For new students arriving directly from high school, provide evidence of one of the following: Minimum 3.5 weighted high school GPA in A-G requirements; OR, SAT total of at least 1900; OR Enhanced ACT composite of 29 C. For new students who have previously attended an accredited college or university, provide evidence of a 3.3 cumulative GPA and completion of 6 or more transferable units equivalent to Cabrillo’s courses numbered 1-99 Note: Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Writing Proficiency

Honors courses typically require substantial writing and critical thinking. Provide evidence of one of the following: Minimum Advanced Placement (AP) English score of 3; or, Eligibility for English 1A on Cabrillo’s Assessment Test (or equivalent) or, Completion of English 100 (or equivalent) with a grade of B or better or, Completion of English 1A (or equivalent) with a grade of B or better, or Early Assessment Program (EAP) test result taken your junior year in h.s.: "Ready for CSU or participating CCC college-level English courses" ("Conditional" not acceptable)

Letter of Recommendation

Please have an instructor who can attest to your academic strengths and abilities write a brief letter of recommendation. The recommendation form is available both online at and at the Honors Transfer Program Office. Current Cabrillo students may request a Cabrillo instructor to submit an e-mail directly to the Honors Director. All other students must submit a formal letter of recommendation via mail.


Because honors courses are typically writing intensive, this statement should reflect your writing skills. Take time to write, rewrite and edit. Show it to a teacher, counselor or friend for comments, but make sure the words you use are your own. The essay and letter of recommendation will be part of the criteria considered in gaining admission to the program. Prospective students who do not meet the minimum qualifications, but who feel they can successfully complete honors courses, are welcome to provide an additional written statement of 150-200 words. This statement should address their interest in the program, what they hope to gain from participation, what they believe they will contribute to the program and any unique qualifications that may not be demonstrated in the eligibility requirements.. This supplemental information will be reviewed by the Honors Transfer Advisory Committee. Please write at least 250 words to answer one of the following prompts: 1) The subject matter of Honors courses includes questions and content which encourage students to think in new and challenging ways. Tell us about a situation or idea that challenged you, how you handled it and where it has led. OR 2) Honors students are naturally curious. Tell us about an idea that piqued your curiosity and where this led you.


Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee acceptance into the program. As a student at Cabrillo College, I am joining a community of scholars who are committed to excellence in the learning process. The honors program assumes that all students will pursue their studies with integrity and honesty; moreover, incidents of academic dishonesty are not tolerated. Evidence of academic dishonesty will result in dismissal from the program. Students for whom any administrative disciplinary action or action for concern of the student's mental health is taken may also be dismissed from the program at the discretion of the Director and Lead Faculty. I have read and understand the application. I certify agreement with this principle and promise that the information I have provided is correct and the reflection of my own original work.

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