ABCs + XYZs Make Up Assignment
Please submit this make up assignment by April 10, 2017. Assignments turned in after the deadline will effect student's ability to attend their summer experience.
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Colleges and universities come in all sizes. Which size college or university interests the most? *
Why did you chose this institution size? (4-5 sentences) *
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There are over 4,000 colleges and universities throughout the United States, and only 85 of them are in Georgia. How far do you want to travel to go to school? *
Why did you choose this option? (4 - 5 sentences) *
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Students attend colleges for several reasons and focus on different aspects when making their choices. For you which is the most important factor? *
Why did you choose this option? (4 - 5 sentences) *
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- Dress to impress — you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but make sure you’re dressed appropriately
- Be prepared — bring your resume to share with recruiters and a pen and paper to take notes
- Identify at least 2 –3 must-see schools in attendance an visit those representatives first
- Do your research on the schools you want to visit
- Prepare Smart Questions that let the school representatives know you’ve done your research
- Get the college information and Admission Counselor’s business card
- Send a follow up email thanking the representative for their time and ask any remaining questions

- Don’t talk or text on your cell phone while talking to the representative
- Don’t use one college’s table to fill out an information card for different college
- Don’t steal pens or give-aways — just ask, they’ll give it to you!

- What do you think makes your college unique?
- How many students return after the first year?
- How many graduate with their Bachelor’s Degree within 4 years?
- What is the surrounding community like?

Research college fair tips. List two ideas of what to do and what not to do at college fairs. (Must be different from ideas above; 4 total ideas). *
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Several schools of interest were in attendance at the College Fair on Sunday, March 19th. These schools were separated into two buckets: Schools that we will visit on Road to College and Posse Atlanta schools:

RTC Schools
- Davidson College
- Elon University
- Furman University
- Guilford College
- Queens University of Charlotte
- The University of Georgia
- University of South Carolina

Posse Atlanta Schools
- Bard College
- Boston University
- Brandeis University
- The College of Wooster
- The George Washington University
- Texas A&M Univeristy

List three schools you want to learn more about, including one Posse Atlanta institution or one college we will be visiting on the Road to College. *
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Construct two smart questions specific to each institution you have identified. Examples include student to staff ratio, campus culture, scholarship opportunities, campus life, etc. (6 total questions) *
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Research the answers to the smart questions you have constructed. You may need to call or email an admissions representative from the specific school to obtain answers. List those answers here. *
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Compose a list of three scholarships (from three different institutions) and note their deadline and requirements: *
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After researching your top three schools, take a moment to reflect on the process and the schools you visited. In 4—5 sentences, explain which schools stood out and why. *
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What committee are you on? *
Contact your committee chair to find out what your committee discussed. How, specifically, will you help your committee meet it's goals? (4 - 5 sentences) *
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