Bridges Prep Presents: The Amazing Race
You've done it! You raced around the city, found all the clues (well most of you, ha), and you are now one GIANT leap closer to your Hammer Bridges Experience.

Everyone on your team is REQUIRED to complete the survey below. And it must be done no later than Nov. 4!

Any team that does not have full participation with this survey, will not receive the points earned this weekend. Just do it!

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Trek Team
I have faith in my ability to be successful in the back country.
Name the top three things you should pack for a trip to the back country.
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I understand the reason I am participating in the Bridges experience.
Why is it important for you to experience what the Bridges Program has to offer?
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Name the top 3 leadership skills needed for the back country.
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I believe I posses all three of the skills I listed above.
Read the Article below and answer the following questions
List three Leave No Trace principles and share why it is an important guideline to have in the wilderness.
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Tell us about what you understand about an LOD. What were some ways they make the day run smoothly? How can they be helpful and responsive with the group? What are ways you can offer constructive feedback if they can do a better job?
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