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Level 1 is designed to get a new member registered with the team, connected to the communication channels, prepared with basic safety training, and exposed to the big ideas of FRC, robotics, and team 4859. None of the tasks are particularly time-consuming or difficult, but they represent a wide spectrum of activities so new students get to see the full extent of the team and what it does. After completing these tasks, you are a "teammate".
LogisticsGet entered into team contact and tracking spreadsheetWe know who is on the team, t-shirt sizedone
LogisticsRegister for team through STIMS websiteFRC knows who is on the team and you are officially eligible to participatedone
LogisticsEnsure self and parents are on appropriate email lists / verify email is working from iPadWe can reach you and involve youdone
Lead, Serve, ParticipateDescribe team leadership structure and meet the student leads and mentorsKnow who to go to for different challenges / ideaspresent 12/5
Lead, Serve, ParticipateExplain Gracious ProfessionalismGP is the lifeblood and culture of FRC -- it is critical that every member of the team understands it and lives itpresent 12/5
ProgrammingExplain the basics of FRC programming (write Java code on a laptop in an IDE, compile and deploy code to robot, control with joystick and dashboard commands from PC to robot). Observe this cycle.Understand at a high level how lines of code turn into robot instructionstour w/ coders 12/12
ProgrammingUse the driver station software to co-drive the robot with an experienced team memberLearn the basics of running a robot and experience one of the most fun parts of FRC!try 12/12
ElectricalName each major component of the FRC electrical system (battery, PDB, sidecar, cRIO, motor controller, motor, and sensor) and explain why we use each of them.Understand at a high level how electrical power is sent to robot components in a conrolled, organized manner and how sensors return informationtour w/ coders 12/12
ElectricalTurn off the robot, change the battery, put the old battery in the charging station, and turn it back onLearn how to provide the most basic robot maintenancetry 12/12
DesignExplain how each major component of the FRC mechanical system (gearboxes, motors, wheels) allows the robot to complete the desired task based on how it is implemented on the robotUnderstand at a high level how a small number of simple components can solve a wide variety of challengestry 12/12
FabricationAssemble a simple frame using bolts and rivets, and then disassemble without stripping screws/boltsGet hands-on with basic hand-tools-fabrication that will be used season-longjoin flexbot team with assembly 12/5
FabricationHelp cleanup at the end of a build sessionPractice safety and respect for machines and facilities by keeping them cleando 12/5
MediaFind the team website and Facebook pageThe public face of the team is on Facebook -- everyone on the team should know where to find this, and if desired, follow the pagewait until 12/12 for comm team to fix
MediaAsk a teammate to take a picture of you doing robotics things and send it to the media leadOur team wants to showcase everyone participating through our public and private media for awareness, fundraising, and memoriesdo 12/5
BusinessLearn about the team's annual budget, understand the expenses incurred, learn about our current sources of income, and explain why fundraising is so important. Know about the award available for generating a financial sustainability plan.FRC is an incredibly expensive extracurricular activity in Byron -- to ensure that the program can live many years and grow, we need everyone's help to grow and diversify our incomew/ pethan 12/5
SafetyAttend basic safety training and know the location and contents of the team safety manualOur safety manual contains basic safety information that everyone must know, including rules for protective equipment and the role of the safety officerw/ kaitlyn 12/5
SafetyBe able to find First Aid supplies, AED, battery spill supplies, and be able to report an accident in the safety logIf somebody gets minorly hurt, you need to know where supplies can be found to help, and you also need to know how and why to log the accidentw/ kaitlyn 12/5
SafetyComplete basic tools training and understand what tools require additional training. Explain the purpose of the buddy system and why mentor supervision is always required for safetyMost hand tools are fairly safe to use, but there are ways to misuse saws, knives, and screwdrivers (which are not chisels). Some machines are not safe without specialized knowledge and practice -- you need to know what you are not yet allowed to do to keep you and others safew/ kaitlyn 12/5
SafetyDemonstrate a continuous awareness of safety by wearing safety glasses at all times in work areasNot only is this safe, but it is practice for competitions where violations can get you removed from the work areasw/ kaitlyn 12/5
LogisticsAfter completing all missions, meet with a mentor to review your learning and verify that you understand the key aspects of a Level 1 TeammateThe review helps the learner recall the key aspects of the level, serves as a check for retention, and acts as the final checkpoint for learningpethan sign-off 12/12
Level 1: Teammate
Level 2: Roboticist
Level 3: Specialist
Level 4: Engineer
Level 5: Master Builder
BB: Electrical
BB: Programming
BB: Mechanical
BB: Fabrication
SB: Communications
SB: Business
SB: Safety
EB: Computer Science
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