Progress Report 1 Student Self-Evaluation
Use this form to do a self-evaluation check-in for progress report 1 for this semester.

I will also use this information to draft our grade agreement for this semester.

The list of goals came from the conversations we had this week about what this class is asking you to learn and what the important work looks like.

Be honest about your work so far and set goals for yourself that matter to you.

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First name *
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Goals *
Which items would inspire you to work genuinely and authentically? (select up to 10)
Anything missing from the list? Any thoughts you want to add about that list of the learning/work of the class?
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Your progress grade *
I need to put in a grade for you today for your first 6 weeks of work. Remember, this grade does not go on your official transcript--it's just an opportunity for you to check in on how you're doing. Be honest!
Your plan for refinement *
What is your plan to refine your work in the time ahead? What will you focus on to improve?
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Your target semester grade *
What grade are you aiming to earn for your semester grade?
Minimum to get credit *
As I've said before, you must complete all tasks in the major assignment category to get credit for this class. That's the letter, all 9 weekly drafts, all 3 thorough revisions, the feature research piece, and the final presentation. How is this looking for you?
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