Download or Transfer Data from your Butler Google Apps Account

If you wish, you can transfer Google Docs and other data out of your Butler Google Apps account. IT recommends using Google’s “Data Liberation” tools for this purpose.

Using data liberation:

  1. Sign in to your Butler Google Apps Account
  2. In the top right of the screen, click your Butler email address then select Account settings:

  1. Choose Data liberation on the left side:

  1. Click the Download your data button:

  1. Google will prompt you to sign in again (note: if you are using multiple sign-ins, make sure you are signing in to the correct account).
  2. You can download all of your information, but you’ll need to export data from each service individually if you plan to upload it to a different Google Account.
  3. Click the Choose services option at the top of the page:

  1. For Google Docs, click the Docs button and a box will appear:
  2. If you choose Customize, it will let you select how to export the documents. IT recommends that you use the default settings.
  3. Click the Create Archive button.
  4. Once it is finished, you can click the Download button in the bottom right. Google will prompt you to sign in again, and it will save as
  5. Open the .zip folder and extract the files.
  6. Go to and sign in with your other account.
  7. Click the Upload button next to the CREATE button:

  1. Upload all of your documents individually using the Docs uploader.

Note: To learn more about Data Liberation, visit

Make a copy of a document from a different Google account in your Butler Google Apps account:

  1. Share the document with the person (or account) that you want to be the new owner.
  2. Open (or have the new owner open) the doc in the account in which you want a copy. Create a copy in the new account by clicking File -> Make a copy. This will make a copy in the new account.
  3. The person that made the copy now has ownership of the copy. The original document should be deleted by it’s owner as to not raise confusion.