Decompression 2016 Volunteers
San Francisco Decompression
Sunday October 09, 2016
12pm (noon) PDT - 12am (midnight)
Indiana Street in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco
All Ages
Art •  Music • Performance • Theme Camps • Unexpectables • You!
Burning Man Presents, for the benefit of Burning Man Project
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All information given here will only be used by us for this event.  We won't send your information to anybody else, and we won't use your information for anything else, other than as a reference for future Burning Man year-round events.
We ask for your first and last name for purposes of organizing the Will-Call list.  We will do most of our communication with you via email. We ask for your phone number in case we must contact you during the event, or to go over last minute changes with the schedule.
If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us as
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Volunteer Roles Explained
COMMISSARY - Basic food prep, and serving food and beverages to staff and performers.  You may also be called upon to run food/drinks from commissary to the stages. Shifts start early in the morning before the event starts, and run all the way past the event's end time.
WILL CALL - Checking in performers, staff, volunteers and anybody else that is on the will call list.  You should be comfortable working with multiple lists, and be able to follow instructions on marking names off in a standardized way.  Shifts will start a few hours before noon and go until near the end of the event. This is a sit down position.
LINE CONTROL - Hanging out around the entrance line making sure the line is moving, people know where to go, people are ready to pay, etc.
SET-UP/TEAR DOWN - No special skills are required, but you must be able to lift at least 50 pounds over your head, climb ladders, and hustle. Much of the work will be setting up car-ports and barricades, placing tables and chairs, and other similar tasks.


Set-up will go from 6am until just before the gate opens.  

Tear down will start as the event is wrapping up at the end of the night and go until we're done.
DECOR - This role is similar to Set-up/Teardown in time commitment, and ability to lift and climb, but it has more to do with making the event look pretty.  If you like to make stuff look nice, this role is for you.
BACK-STAGE ASSISTANT - Helping keep things calm cool and collected behind the stages.  Duties include helping the stage manager with anything and everything they need to do their job, including moving instruments and sound equipment, retrieving refreshments, and other supplies, and just simply helping out behind the scenes. You should be able to lift up to 25 lbs.
PARKING HELP - 1) assertive but PLEASANT personality, 2) logical thinker, can make a decision without a committee! 3) able to walk MILES! - these are 4 hours shifts from 8am-noon or 9pm-1am.

We also need just a few volunteers for things like parking directors, fire stage builders, and fire perimeter monitors.  Just write those in in the "Other" section in below.
Volunteer Roles *
Check all volunteer roles that you are interested in working at this event.  Other than parking and setup/teardown most shifts will be around 3 hours.
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Early shifts fill up fast, so give us later options if at all possible. NOTE THAT THESE ARE ROUGH ESTIMATE TIMES, NOT ACTUAL SHIFT TIMES
Anything Else?
If you have any questions, concerns or special needs, let us know here. If you think you can fill a role that we don't have listed here, just let us know.
Performers and Artists or other questions
If you are a performer or artist, please contact

Please send questions or comments regarding volunteering to
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Thank you for your interest in participating in Decompression!!
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