Energy Upgrade California | Advanced Package Technical Training for Raters Application

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Please note that this is an application to enroll for the Advanced Package Technical Training for Raters. It is not a direct registration. Course Description This one-day training is aimed to integrate raters, with active HERS II and BPI Building Analyst certifications, as independent assessors for test-in and test-out measurements and job submissions for the Energy Upgrade California program. The goal of this pathway is to allow independent raters to offer the Program to customers, opening additional avenues to grow Program participation. These individuals will be responsible for completing combustion appliance safety testing, whole house assessments, energy modeling and job submissions to Program standards. To attend this training, you must meet the eligibility requirements: Eligibility Requirements (must meet both categories): Category 1 • Have a BPI Analyst and HERS II certification Category 2 • Attend a Participation Workshop For general questions about this form please contact: Build It Green Professional Training Department 510-590-3360 X603


Category 1 • BPI professional and a HERS II rater

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