GECS Request Form
Use this form to request a project-specific Green & Energy Codes spreadsheet/workbook (GECS). The workbook will document your code compliance with respect to the 2013 DC Green and Energy Codes, aid permitting and inspection compliance through clearer application of specific code elements and inspection checklists, and provide the submittal documents that your project requires, as well as the timeline associated with their submittal.

The GECS workbook is provided in the form of a shared Google Sheet workbook, a multi-tabbed workbook much like an Excel file. Obtain it by providing an email associated with a valid Google account below (this may be a gmail account, or can be linked to a non-gmail address). You'll need to fill out this form once for each project you do that requires Green code compliance (and eventually, Energy code compliance -- currently this is still addressed with the Energy Verification Sheets provided elsewhere). After you receive the link to the GECS form, open it and share it with whatever other team members may need to see it -- trades contractors, the builder, etc. Make sure they have Google accounts to maintain a high level of security.

As you fill in the GECS workbook, DCRA Green Building Program personnel will be able to check your entries and answer questions, allowing for easy and quick back-and-forth of point-by-point plan review and inspections. A thorough backup of all iterations will help protect from unexpected or problematic circumstances.

We at DCRA and the Green Building Program endeavor to create an easy, fast, effective and thorough compliance environment. We welcome your comments. if you have repeated problems with this process, please email or call us instead of attempting it over and over -- we'll try to keep you moving forward as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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