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ISTE Raspberry Pi Jam 2016
From the Raspberry Pi Website:

"Raspberry Jams are events organised by the community to share knowledge, learn new things, and meet other Pi enthusiasts. They’re a great way to find out more about the Raspberry Pi and what you can do with it, and to find like-minded people."

As a group of Pi enthusiasts and Raspberry Pi Certified Educators, we thought it would be great to bring together other Pi lovers to share their cool projects at ISTE. ISTE has been awesome to offer us the Poster Board Session space on Monday June 27 from 5pm-7pm. This will give us a spot for people to showcase their cool Pi Projects and to do some fun projects with people that are new to Raspberry Pi.

This form is for those people that would like to reserve one of the 32" monitors so they can show off their Raspberry Pi creation to others. We only have 15 spots, so please sign up for one if you want to share. You MUST BRING YOUR OWN KEYBOARD AND MOUSE if you need them to showcase your Pi project. The monitor is the only thing that is provided at the station.

If you just want to see cool things, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THE FORM. This is only for people that want use a monitor to show their Raspberry Pi projects to others.

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